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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting up my dearie schoolmates

When you come to a number of your age, do you have the tendency of remembering all your school days?  Well, I would say, with the current heat of Facebook, we managed to find some classmates, schoolmates from Primary to Secondary to High School..and others.

Last weekend, after 15 years of graduating from the Secondary School (for me it's 17 years coz I left earlier) we had a gathering again.. and the good thing was.. we managed to recall everyone after so many years of separation! Everyone is still in good terms!

It was really so much to talk, and so little time to spend.. we started meeting at approx 12 noon, and till 4pm we still around 'didn't want to leave'... the other good thing is that we gather at a friend's shop (which he open and close it for US) How nice to have such a friend..

One thing for sure, I gave everyone a 'surprise' even though from FB, not everyone noticed my 'status' and keep asking for my 'other half'... till the extend that I just blurred out to a friend that 'me still single la'.. and I see faces changed from 'hah'? to 'oh'? and to 'don't know what more to say'

One friend asked me, how come you looks like so 'contented and happy' still?  well, what should I say? I have cried sufficiently to get over things, and when I go on telling them how I have make changes from FT working to Stay at home and now working again.. they went "WOW"

After which, I told them not just FB, I even have 2 blogs on my hands which I maintain for updates and all... and it seems I have made an 'impact' on them... oh oh mine..We were happily chatting away, composing 'those days' and have lots of fun. 

I will blog about the place we gather in a separate post.. as the photos and stuff are at home, and I am updating in my office.. :D

Well again.. how nice to have such a working environment and freedom at work.. :D


  1. cyn..your blog is very glaring now.. all the red love on top of your wordings.. why ah.. cannot read la...

  2. Ya agree, FB = finding old friends,,,,,wai wai i wait till i see your photos photos baru i comemnt panjang panjang ya.

  3. Nice to gather after so long eh? I love gatherings too!

  4. love gathering ...err...provided not with those who likes to brag la..:p

  5. i hv connected with some of my friends again too.

  6. thank goodness for fb!can keep in touch!hehe! well,you're a strong woman and it doesn't mean you have to be sad being a single mom eh?! support you all the way! happiness does depends on ourselves!:D


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