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Thursday, July 22, 2010

While Sitting In Office

I noticed I have not been updating my blog for sometimes.. since the chiffon cake...gosh gosh.. bad bad me nowadays getting lazy busy..

Well, I just started my 'providing transportation services to the TWINS cousin' and have to get out of the house every morning by 7.15am.  And in order to ensure my little Princess got enough rest, we sleep at 9pm (the latest). 

Since today, my boss is not around, and I am staring blank on my PC.. I decided to do a new layout for my blog.. I have again change the 'dull' brown into something 'bright' and with lots of hearts.  I wanted to remind myself how much love have been showered upon me by all of you!

Do you like it?

I have nothing much to update, beside.. I want to say someone has got me into another Facebook game which contribute towards my interest.. at least I can dream of having my own bakery... YES, I am into Baking Life in Facebook.  How I wish, the reality of baking is so much easier, and generating so much of money.. muahhaa...

So, those of you who are into the game, and wanted me to add you or have a gift each day... come add me in Facebook!  Also, I am using this application to 'bake' on friends birthday! muahhaah...:D

Till then... let's me say Thank you to you who drop by... :D


  1. hmmm...not really like this new look. blue red and green seems weird to me :p

    aiyo...i miss the chiffon cake la...yumm....went cake shop wanna buy chifon cake...then see...tarak selera liao

  2. New look..not bad !!

    Too bad I never play FB games...no time for it. Now I am active back in Mylot...do you still active in Mylot?

  3. ok Kat.. change liao.. nice mou? muahaha... chiffon cake for u anytime la... :p

  4. hello mummymummy.. :) where did u get this layout? much better than before cos the font is bigger ma.. at least this old mummy here can read without difficulty! :p

  5. I used to be so actively involved in FB games but not anymore.. after realizing that FB had taken too much of my time and left me no time to do other important task.:P

  6. see i told you'd get along well with the twins,, you got that motherly instincs ma,right?

    ya lor, long time you no update your blog already, go to be back ,ain't it

  7. wa so lovey dovey ady lor ur blog!haha! baking life addictive hor?but i got sien about it after few weeks of logging into it everytime to look at my lovely cafe..so now stop completely jor!hahah have fun before you get sien about it too!:P

  8. this layout is nice and cheerful.. much better than the earthy color.
    Be Happy n Stay Happy !

  9. yalor... i face this problems as well. same to you.

    currently, i playing the baking life in facebook too. it is really kill a lot time!

    i need to control a bit... else ....

  10. I love your new layout. Nice nice. I'm not active in Facebook anymore lor. Blogging already took alot of my time..haha.

  11. Feel lovey dovey leh :D

    Sorry, I no play game. Cannot send you gifts. heehee!!

  12. woah! something new i notice!! love the colors! :) i think i need to change mine too! i'm getting bored of it!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca


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