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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chopping off a DJ voice

What radio channel do you listen to? or you are just like my brother who will play his MP3 instead?

For me, I prefer the radio stations.  I used to tune into My FM however recently, I did a change and been listening to 988 instead.  The change was due to the DJs and it’s a very nice talk show.  They speak out the current affairs in the country, and it’s a good thing for me coz I seldom read the newspaper too!  And by just listening to this show, I at least got to know what is going on and what other aspect of life we are having. 

This morning… my journey from HG to USJ to Serdang to HG had a HUGE change!  A familiar voice from the radio went MISSING, and the only voice I could hear are the female DJ Moon and also another weekly guest but I could not find the voice of Jamal.  I was devastated.  How could it happen!! 

After some explanations, we understand that 988 has to chop Jamal coz he has been rumoured that his talk show cause  ‘disturbing the peacefulness among the races’ and it lead to instability of the country!!  You mean by just listening to one DJ it will have all the negative aspect?  You mean WE Malaysians mentality is so weak that we don’t process what we listen?  You mean Jamal can be so influential that he causes the above?  You mean Jamal is a waste sitting in the studio and not acting like a leader since he is so influential? 

This is MALAYSIA which has just ‘chopped’ my usual routine, but also let me had a boring journey.  The journey of sending the twins to school is already not easy, now I don’t even have the chance to participate and anticipate the voice of my favourite DJs!! 

ANGER! ANGER!! and it’s not FAIR!  We should have the freedom of speech, but how come with just a different aspect, ONE will be chopped?  Well I understand this is not the first time.. but when it affected me, I will want to make some noise!!


  1. sigh....not only radio leh...blog also might kena

  2. i dun listen to 988 becoz of all that talk.. hehe.. when i listen to radio i only wanna listen to songs... n nothing more.. if no ads n no talk lagi shiok for me :D

  3. i hardly listen to the radio lah!! dont drive ma and at home - i am usually watching TVB dramas lor. hehe

    have a nice day!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  4. oh... yesterday oledi chop la...

    i like this program as well. since, they stop this program... i quickly switch to another radio channel... to listen english channel liao...

  5. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog. I used to listen to 988 before I started working. I love their drama. Now I'm listening to Hitz.FM in the morning because I prefer JJ and Ian. :D


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