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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am selling Mooncakes

It's the time of the season.

Last year, I made mooncake for sale for the first time, and I am glad that I got good response from my dear family and friends.  This year, I am doing it again and hopefully I could generate some extra savings and that will be kept for my dearest Princess 'education' fund coming next year. 

Learn from last year, this year I will be doing less variety and focus more and I have decided that pricing will remain the same as last year (I am trying to make less profit but more volume)!

Bake Mooncakes (Single Egg Yolk Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus, Red Bean and Five Nuts) 
1)  Single Variety Mooncakes in a box – RM40.00 for 4
2)  Mixture of any 4 Mooncakes in a box - RM45.00
3)  Mini Mooncakes (Mung Beans) - RM8.00 per box of 4
4)  Mini Mooncakes (Lotus Paste) - RM10.00 per box of 4
5  Mini Mooncakes (Red Beans) - RM8.00 per box of 4

Ping Pei
1)  Mini Dragon Fruit Ping Pei Mooncakes (Mung Beans) – RM6.00 per box of 4
2)  Mini Dragon Fruit Ping Pei Mooncakes (Lotus Paste) – RM8.00 per box of 4

I prefer you to self collect your orders in my house, as last year I spend way too much time  to deliver the orders.  However, should you are unable to come to my house,  the delivery charges will be as below and only applicable to Bake Mooncakes:-
RM15 (first box)
RM8 (2nd box and above)
Delivery can be done within Malaysia and Singapore!!

*  Purchase above RM120.00 (Free Delivery)

For orders, you may either contact me via Facebook or email me your order. 



  1. Wokay... tonite if my anak tarak kacau me, I will help u promote, k? So that Anna got more money to use when she grow up. :D

  2. Sorry sister, i don't like moon cakes,,, sorry sorry ok

  3. @Cleff.. thanks

    @Eugene... no prob.. thanks for the support

    @Let's Go.. Can't do Free Delivery but I can give you a discount on the freight charges.


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