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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Old School Gathering – The Place

I Blog about my secondary school gathering recently, and found some photos I took which were not published due to my ‘malas-ness’.  All of us are really grateful and thankful to this friend of ours, who offered his restaurant to us for gathering, and even prepared all food and drinks for us.  This shop is not open on SUNDAY but due to the Gathering, he called upon his staffs, cook and clean for us.

Presenting you the name of the shop

100_2817Restoran Pan Heong

100_2815 100_2816  The FOOD! and of course we have also free flow of drinks!

100_2818 Last but not least, a photo for the album!  This is only part of the ‘gang’ that turned out on the day, as some left before the photoshooot!

From that day onwards, we have other friends who asked ‘when is the next gathering’ and think we can now start to do more planning..

Some of our schoolmates are still Single and Available… and we were told to ‘get ready’… muahaha.. :D


  1. When I saw the food, i thought waaa...so much how to finish...but then saw the number of people that turn up..hahah..sure can finish.

    Lovely gathering la.

  2. wei...cynthia..is it my office pc that is giving me all these red love on top of your wordings? mine one show all the love love red ones on top of your words.. :P
    Great gathering..normally i skip those formal reunion... shy ma.. hahaha..

  3. The way the food was presented looked like the "zhap fan" style,very practical. Glad that you still keep in touch with such a big group of ex-schoolmates.:P

  4. With that many people at a gathering, must've been a real loud one eh? Love your blog template... lovely!

  5. what a huge gathering! So fun. Talk and eat and laugh non stop.


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