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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Privatisation of blog and a blog giveaway

After a few people giving me really good advice, it seems that I should not 'close' this blog since it has been generating traffic but instead, use the other one for myself.  I can always move those post that I don't want to show to the other blog, and now I am taking those advise and this blog will be OPEN for public.

Now coming back to the blog giveaway, and to celebrate the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, I will be giving away the following prizes:-

1)  A box of mooncake (home made by MYSELF) which contain 4 different flavours of Single Egg Yolk Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus, Red Bean and Five Nuts

2)  5 boxes of mini mooncakes consist 4 mini mooncake (either ping pei or bake)

All prizes will be delivered to you before Mid Autumn Festival, i.e. 22 September 2010 no matter where are you in Malaysia or Singapore.  For those who were residing other than these 2 places, you are always welcome to 'nominate' one of your family member for the prize should you win.

How to enter? *I hear people asking*  Do either 1 of the following or BOTH!

1)  You got to be my follower by clicking the follow button on the right (1 entry)


2)  If you are free, and don't mind giving me a hand in doing some promotions, I always welcome... :D  All you need is do a blog post, and link it to my blog!  Write whatever you want and hopefully it's good la!  AND  Leave the permalink of the your blog post at my comment box! (2 entry)

How do I pick the winner?

I will be either using random.org to pick the winner or I let my Princess to do the 'honour'

This contest will be closed on 31 August 2010!  So, be fast ya... :D

Thank you!


  1. i also wan to read / follow ur private blog wor..

  2. you, no need to be promoted already one, lah... i am glad i could still follow you here,, take care, got to run,multi tasking ma

  3. Ok...will try do it...want makan mooncake..hahhaha

  4. oh good to hear that.

    my luck is not good hehehe so...


  5. Eh... privatise blog liao? Hahahaha... so bagus. Woman... I got time I promote for you. =D

    ps: Mooncake only ah? When ur making, let me kno ah? I kasi u pressie...

  6. Hi Cynthia, have already followed your blog. Have also written a blogpost about this giveaway here:


    Hehehe....looks like I'm the first person to post a permalink here.

    Cynthia, I have been longing to eat what you make-lah. Mamarazzi from Small Kucing told me the things you make taste good leh!

  7. Cynthia,I have been your blog follower.....
    I am out from West Msia....residing at East Msia....qualified for this giveaway or not?
    One thing for sure..I wanna eat your home made mooncake.

  8. wokay...done. http://smallkucing.blogspot.com/2010/08/mooncakes-giveaways.html

    Hope biz will be brisk :D

  9. Wish I also can do something to sell...hahahaa...but I know makan only =p


    Hope business will be good!

  10. ok..i also done jor


  11. Ok... Cynthia the Chef..



  12. Cyn... I promoted for you. In two blog. More to come before 31st August. :D


    And also, over here


    ps: If I get the giveaway, can send it to other ppl, and not me anot? Say... someone who lives in Sarawak? I just want one or two mooncake... the rest can share share ah?

  13. @Eugene.. thanks for always being here.

    @mommy Ling.. Thanks

    @Voon.. try la, never try never know

    @Cleff... thanks

    @Alice.. Thanks for the post

    @Mery... of course qualify

    @smallkucing... thanks

    @angelbear.. thanks

    @claire.. mm kam tong

  14. Cynthia...

    Check tis out:


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