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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Privatise Blog

This Blog will soon to be close for public. Come first September 2010, I will be using another blog, which I could use that for open public and maybe earn a few cents.  

I have started another blog, and it was born on the 13 August 2010. Feel free to visit me HERE too!

This blog will be close and it will solely served for my personal use only.  I have loads of stuff that I need to voice out, however not to be seen to public.  I will be moving some of my blog post to the new blog too, as then should you want to do any reference, you are always feel free to do so.  No worry

I would like to invite you to hop over to my wordpress blog and give me some ideas of how to improve the blog too.  Beside, stay tune there, before the official closure of this blog, and I will be doing a GIVEAWAY!

Adios.. and please drop by often ya!


  1. happy birthday to your new blog!

  2. wokay

    added to my reading list already

  3. Latest post required password geh?? I remembered last time wordpress blog cannot have ads wan woh..now they allow dy?

  4. wah..so poon si.. now i go over to yr new blog.. haaha..

  5. Wow...great to have a new blog..
    For me, I only need to have one blog and sometimes I don't even have time to update my blog.

  6. Private or public I want to be there ok?

  7. huh? dont understand. so u will hv 1 wordpress with some post protected n some not n Princess' blog?

    add me k.

  8. yeah.. sometimes we need to shout it out.. really. i also just started one. mostly related to family matters. Privately my own, one reader, one owner. I find after clicking post.. and re reading, I may have a different perspective from when I was writing it. In short, ranting out in a private blog is as good as counting 1 to 10 !

  9. Add me ya! Saw your new blog but require password. What's the password?

    I am a little confused.


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