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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping for Shoes

How many pairs of shoes you have?  and How often do you buy a pair of shoes? 

I love shoes.. and before the arrival of my little Princess, I shopped for shoes almost every month.  Why you may ask I need so many pair of shoes?  All because I worked in a Corporate, and the need of having few pairs of NICE shoes are very important.  I always tell my friends that I can’t wear ‘flat’ very well, but I can handle any heels up to even 3 inches.  Hey, I can owned up to 50 pairs of shoes over few years… and my mum always nag that if I am not going to wear those shoes anymore, I am supposed to ‘dispose’ it. 

Now, I don’t have the passion of buying shoes for myself anymore, but to my little Princess.. Since she started walking 2 months ago, I have got her 3 pair of shoes! and I will continue to buy her nice, pretty comfy girls’ shoes too!  Are you asking me if I go shopping with her and buy her shoes there and then?  Well not always… I have times where I am alone (after meeting client) and do some little shopping before I head back to office or better to say to ‘unwind’ during working hours or doing online purchase.

I also carry a feet measurement of my Princess in order to ensure the shoe size is just the correct ones.  The process of getting the right size is also in breeze, and I can always use the following method.

Isn’t this a breeze of measuring?

So, now I can always go buying shoes without the presence of Princess as it’s no longer a breeze to bring her shopping with me.  Her curiosity level is increasing on daily basis, and taking her to mall is a very good challenge for me.  Very soon, Princess will take over my shoe cabinet by displaying her shoes inside.  And now, whenever we go out, she will head to her shoes automatically!

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