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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9th September - Bride's side dinner

I am going to tell you day by day.. what happen.. and to justify how busy I am... muahaha... :p

P/S:  This is NOT even my own wedding... :p

On the 9th, we headed to Beruas (a little small town which located 'far' from every where).  Reason that is far coz it will take you an hour to GET OUT of the town to either Setiawan, Ipoh or Taiping! Far or not? We left KL at 7am, meeting my cousin, his wife and his parents @ Sg Buloh Jejantas (My Eldest Uncle (dad's eldest brother) was our VIP for this wedding, as he represent my dad).  2 cars departed and we arrived Beruas at 11.30am.  On the way, there was an accident involving an overturning lorry lying on the road and the jam started from Sungkai to Tapah!

After our arrival in Beruas, the groom and bride were preparing for some prayers, and My SIL's family is smart that they do all the Chinese custom (tea ceremony) on the same day, and that avoid having the whole Beruas gang into KL on the actual wedding day.  We had lunch @ 2pm after their tea ceremony.  (Note:  The roast pig was super yummylicious... the chickens were all from my SIL's mum barn...)

We took a stroll into the Beruas town after lunch, and my brother shown us around the "street" and the little water fall available as the 'fun' time for the Beruas folks.   Thereafter, we bunked into my SIL's 'family room' (note:  they have BIG house and BIG room in the kampung, and the room can have 5 queen size tilam) and take a rest and also taking turns to bath (note again:  the water in the little kampung is so refreshing and cooling!).

As we were also informed that the initial house that my brother booked has got no 'bed' to sleep and therefore we will have to sleep in my SIL's uncle's house (without air cond).  But when my other cousin arrived, she 'sweettalk' my mum into going to Penang instead of staying over.  My mum's brother (YES, we have both the eldest brothers from my mum and dad attending the wedding dinner) says he will be leaving Beruas when the dinner finish. 

Oh YES, the dinner starts sharp at 6PM!!  Can you imagine having the hall full of people even at 5.30PM?  We were so 'city' people that we were jaw drop seeing all the people so puncture.  They were there waiting for us (bride & groom)!  and the dinner ends at 9.30pm!  In KL, 9.30pm, we might be only having the fish or chicken... muahaha... No wonder my uncle decided to cabut to KL after dinner since it's still early.

And WE?  Cabut to Penang arriving in Penang at 12.00am too! muahaha.. My auntie was already waiting for us, as we planned to go out cari makan (supper) when we arrived.  We went to Burma Road for the famour Prawn mee and returned to my aunt with a full tummy!

Stay tune for the next day of event... :D

Photos will be uploaded later, as it's all now with my brother's camera! :p


  1. Congratulations to your brother! Waiting to see the photos!

  2. yes.. got gambar or not..sounds very interesting..going here and there..

  3. i wanna go back to sitiawan.. the place where i grew up :D

    congrats to ur bro.. n hope to see more of u soon :)

  4. my goodness, u have been busy!

    congrats to your bro!

  5. the room is HUGE...pengsan. can put 5 QUEEN SIZE mattresses....hahahahahaha

    good idea to go to Penang.


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