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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog Giveaway - Results

Aiyo.. I am suppose to get this done before the Mid-Autumn Festival.. However due to unforeseen circumstances, I have canceled ALL my mooncake orders, however a giveaway will still ON but instead of sending the winners mooncake, I will be sending them my home bake CAKE. 

Since it's not going to be mooncakes, and the prizes will be cakes, it will then be the followings:-

Most Lucky Reader - 8" Cake (Winner's choice of flavour)

5 lucky Readers - 20 Cupcakes each (Winner's choice of flavour)


Most Lucky Reader prize - MeRy

5 other Lucky winner Prizes:-

1)  Smallkucing
2)  Shenny's mommy
3)  kucing
4)  leMonadE
5)  Alice Phua

All the above winners were generated by Random.ORG

I have personally drop a mail to the winners, and look forward for the winners' reply!

Congrats and Thank you again for the participation! 

Happy Mid-Autumn to ALL OF YOU!  muakz...


  1. yipeee....wah...so many ah...thanks

  2. eh....favouritism to future son in law :)

  3. smallkucing.. hahaha... :D

    Let's GO... that's show my future SIL is lucky la.. all pick by RANDOM and not ME! So, cannot say I favouritism.. hahaha..

  4. *sulk* I so damn jinx... but horr... my big sister told me to cekik you for the 20 cupcakes... LOL... so... without further ado... I will go cekik you for 20 cupcakes. *muka tembok mode*

  5. Congrats to those who win! Cynthia - happy mooncake festival oh!

  6. Congrats to those who win! Cynthia - happy mooncake festival oh!

  7. Yeah, thank you. I am happy to know that I am one of lucky winners.
    May I know how can I claim the lucky prize?
    My email is hoitingyeap@hotmail.com.

  8. Yippie! Thanks a lot, Cynthia! A happy belated Mid-Autmn Festival to you and family!

  9. Is that me...MERY??....Or is there another MERY since I don't receive any email from u yet.

    Congrats to all winner.


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