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Monday, September 20, 2010

How long to prepare for wedding

My brother's wedding came in a sudden, and with about 6 weeks preparation.  So, the whole family trying to put much of our 'super' effort together and make it an event.  I should all thanks to my aunties, uncles, cousins who came to help us out.

For the initial 4 weeks, things were still not in 'rush' mode, and only the cards were ready however we also not distributed them immediately (except for a few) and only given the cards on the weekend before the wedding.. Geng mou?  When we first went around distributing the cards, my uncle 'hinted' why do we do the wedding in a rush as he took a year to prepare for his son's wedding.  Well, what can I say... this is call "emergency"!  Certain things cannot be plan, and some plans might not work if planed... agree?

Actually if you ask me, how long does a wedding prep requires? now I can tell you "1 MONTH' if you have load and loads of supportive friends and relatives! No doubt that we did not invites ALL friends and relatives, but we did have a good gathering on that night.  And my aunt was great... she says, like that short short time prepare lagi senang.. or else you need to countdown the time even worst... one month also wedding, one year also wedding ma.. muahaha

And now, did I explain why am I MIA for so long? muahhaa... :p


  1. I was only given less than 3 months to do my brother's wedding preparations all by myself. - cards, church ceremony, bridal car, seating arrangement for 500 guests, bridemaids and so many more... =.=

    Cannot expect my family to help out because they can only complain but did nothing to lift a finger....in the end, I am glad that everything is over and done with.


  2. so now u r tai gu lai already?? hehehe...got cham char to u or not? :) post up the wedding pics!

  3. Ditch baking, Cyn. Be a wedding planner instead. Can make a fortune... den can belanja us makan makan.

    So, exactly when we can go melantak again? Bwhahahahah! Miss ya heaps!


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