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Monday, September 20, 2010

I am back.. in a piece..

OMG! Can you imagine I left this blog redundant for almost a month? I hope I still got my visitors coming after such a long long break.
I don't break for fun, I break coz I am preparing for my brother's wedding. I also wanted to try to be a SUPERWOMAN but failed badly. I wanted so much to do my mooncake this year, but fail again coz the dates were too near to each other. I have just cancel ALL my orders taken as I really don't have to time to do so.

2 weeks before my brother's wedding, we have been doing all the invitation, bookings and also visiting to the bride's. My brother's wedding officially end on the 17th of September 2010, which is the date of his ROM. Prior to this, we have the bride's side dinner on the 9th, then to Penang for 2 days, and the groom's side wedding dinner on the 15th. Can you see where I can squeeze time? NO NO!

So, this morning, I finally able to sit in my office desk, blogging away, as now I have a room to myself (oh ya, not forgetting my office also moved from the old premise to the new premise). All pack on the same dates and I practically only now able to enjoy some privacy time in office.

I have so much to blog, but too little time.. but stay tune, I will have a blog diarrhea...Besides, in my personal ranting blog, I will have lots to rant too!  Not just that I have ignore my blog, I have also ignore my Facebook!  I don't even have time to log in and write updates... also, I missed out some valuable friends' birtheday wishes too!

Again, I wish to thanks all my readers (YOU) to always comeby and give me the best support.


  1. Ur blog will lausai soon? Ish ish ish!

  2. Ya lor,ng kok ng kok, one month already and it is so nice to have you back,seriously.

    keep us updated lol,ok

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world..... :p Keep us updated especially on your princess.


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