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Monday, September 27, 2010

Penang - 10th September 2010

My cousin has planned to be in Penang since his PIL are there, the rest of us were an impromptu event that we were in Penang.  It is always a breeze for me to be in Penang, need not worry on accommodation as my aunt and uncle stay in Penang (muahaha) and I am rest assured that I will have a place and someone to take care of me.. worse case, can I go to Penang bloggers? :p

We are so impromptu that I only have 1 piece of baju extra in my bag, however Princess had got extra.  The rest of us were all with only 1 extra clothing.  Since I am staying with my aunt, I 'pinjam' her T-shirt and I wore a jeans throughout my stay in Penang! Smarter me that I wore a Jeans instead of a skirt on my way to Beruas the first day.. muaahhaha..

We woke up early, and went to Sister's Chaw Keoy Teow @ Macalister Rd, then proceed to Ayer Itam for Kek Lok Si.  We being the lazy bum bum, decided to drive up and park @ the Kuan Yin Temple instead of walking and taking the cable car.  The parking is RM2 per entry :p

Nice place there where we have got lots of pictures taking scenery, and the environment is very peaceful too!  The parking attendant uncle also very nice that he will direct you to a designated parking once you enter.  The bad part was the traffic since it's a public holiday and the people going up the hill were more than usual.  It took us approximately 45 minutes to reach Kek Lok Si.

Upon our down hill journey, we wanted to stop for famous Ayer Itam Assam Laksa and we met with a huge rain and storm!  But being a food person, we willingly STORM through the storm and ordered the Laksa.  It's nice that the seller willing to deliver our laksa (together with some extra rain water) to the opposite food court instead of cramping into the small walking alley.

It's nice to travel with my eldest aunty as she is adventurous into 'makan' and willing to 'share' the food.  We got the chance to order more varieties and eat less.. muahaha.. after which we bit goodbye to my cousin (he need to go visit his ILs) and we were back to my aunt for a nap.

Woke up in the evening and as the usual routine, we headed to Tambun for seafood dinner with my uncles and aunties. For the first time in my life.. I had HORSESHOE CRAB! and had 2 different varieties of cooking.  Let me google the picture of the horseshoe crab and show you here...

The restaurant made both 'grilled' and 'mango salad aka kerabu' style for this, and it cost us RM10 per crab.  This 'crab' has no meat, and it's only the 'roe' that can be eaten.  Eating this, is like eating 'ebikko' but this taste tougher to chew.  We all prefer the 'kerabu'  style!  While we eating, my aunt keep recalling her childhood memory as my grandma used to cook this for my mum and her siblings when they were younger.  Now apparently it's not that easy to catch this crab anymore.

Eating in Tambun is not expansive either, we have 10 of us, and the total bill come up to around RM200++ only with about 10 dishes all together.  We returned to the island after dinner and rest for the day.

The next day... we supposed to leave Penang @10am but instead we left at 10pm... Guess why... Stay tune..


  1. gosh..what is that! looks like .. better not say.. hahaha..

  2. Full of makan makan session..Yummy.

  3. dare not eat those crab le.....heard before but never try.


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