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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Penang - 11th September 2010

We were all ready packed by 9am in the morning on the 11th September 2010, as we wanted to leave Penang ASAP before the traffic start to congest.  My mum went to Eaton Pastry House with my aunt that morning, and bought some 'ang ku' and wanted to pass some to my cousin too!  I made a call to my cousin, and he told me that everyone was at KOMTAR wanting to eat Cendol.  

After some discussion with my mum, decided to drive to KOMTAR and have cendol before we head home.  And I have 2 youngsters in my car 'sort of' complaining that every trip to Penang is just eat and sleep.. we never go anywhere to walk!  OK ok... so we stop at KOMTAR and let the youngsters do some walking while we wait for the cendol shop to open... (There is a branch now in KOMTAR for the famour Penang Rd Cendol).

Then, while eating and eating and eating.. we received a call from my aunt asking "are you all at the bridge"?  Oh well, the answer of course is NO, and she told us that Penang bridge had caught a fire and the traffic was at stalk!  Ask us not to go back after cendol but go back to her house.  You see, my cousin was delighted hearing this, as we can again make trips for makan makan and jalan jalan... 

We kaotim Cendol, then my mum and my aunt wanted to go to Chowrasta Market to buy some belacan, and also buying our favorite 'soya sauce'.  Oh ya, while we having our Cendol, I mentioned that we should go to Jalan 7 (Jit tiao lor) to eat the roast pork.  The roast pork will only be ready in the afternoon, therefore we go round and round jalan jalan for a while before head towards the 7 road market.

After the roast pork, and the 10 of us whack out 1KG of roast pork + char siew... and we went back to my cousin's hotel for a rest in Tanjung Bungah.  After some rest, the young ones headed out to the Toy Museum located at the front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel.  It's nice to visit this place coz it brought back lots of childhood memories.

We have been checking on the bridge traffic the whole day, and only about 7pm, we got the clearance that the bridge was CLEAR.. but being kiasu we went for dinner first at Macalister Road (near Sunway Hotel) and only headed out of Penang at 10pm
The journey from Penang back to KL took us 5 hours and safe and sound arriving at 3am!

There explains what I done over the Hari Raya holiday, and been MIA for thad long..


  1. They say the food at places near Sunway Hotel nice, true or not? Must stay there next time. I always stayed at Cititel (Penang Road) - the food around there, good also...

  2. lucky you all not caught at the massive jam at the bridge. Go jalan jalan makan makan is better. haha

  3. was it accident at the penang bridge? didnt read news.. and u can drive so late at night? geng la u.. i cannot see at night.. macam bat..

  4. you guy can really eat hor... if I go to Penang, I now know where to find good food liao.. thanks..


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