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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Should I or Should I not for 3 months

I have lots of thoughts for the last few weeks.  Keep thinking and thinking and thinking....

1)  Should I find a new place to live with Princess since the family members are growing in the house?

2)  I love bakings, but my current skill is not good enough, should I go take up a Full Time Baking Course?  But Financially (with the upfront big chuck of money) is my concern.  

3)  I can't do part time course as I don't have a helper at night to care for Princess.

4)  I can do my current job on Part Time basis with once a week reporting to work (of course with a lesser pay) but then again, my course is only 3 months, and after which I can go venture something else.

5)  With 3 months of my Part Time job, my income level will also drop drastically.  Think it can only be enough to cover my helper's salary and that's it.

6)  Think got to start working on weekends, and there I can have extra income during the 3 months period.  

Money, Money is the biggest concern, and besides the change of career path too!  Not forgetting, I will still have to 'send and pick' the twins cousin till the end of this year.

Ask if I can do all this NEXT YEAR?  by then, my fire already mellow, and the uumph will no longer that strong! and what main is, I want to start NEW next year!



  1. Cyn... if you need some time or yourself to study or wud... just drop princess at my house, I can help you babysit, especially at night. FOC. I can do from 7pm-5am next day(not realli, ur gonna have to feed me hahaha... but I am serious about helping you babysit if you need)

  2. thanks Cleff... will work out and let you know what my plan.. this saturday ON?

  3. Cyn...an iron lady like, i believe you can do it. i know saying with words are easy but when come to do it is another thing. But i believe with the determination and hard work, you will get pay off.

  4. You should throw caution to the wind and do what you are passionate about. We only live once so live it to the fullest!! If you bake and sell your goodes, I'll support you :)

  5. Just follow your heart and dont regret it.

  6. Sometimes, decisions are hard to make. Do a little more planning and am sure everything will turned out well. Weigh the pros and cons. All the best

  7. Mummy Ling.. thanks for the comfort words...

    PL.. thanks again for all the support... you are right, we just just live life to the fullest!

    Rachel.. ok.. let's see if this Friday I can have a discussion with the school

    mNhL.. thanks.. :D

  8. Hey, i can only give you one advice on the baking side, don't go learn from course lah, just do it through trial and errors, and some AFC programmes, for i believe as far as food is concerned, if you got the fiery passion for it,yo sure can do it one.

    You know sis,sometimes all this will depend on what we want out of life for you and your loved ones.

    just do a bit of planning lah,,

    seriously and sincerely i wish you all the best,,, and May god bless you

  9. i have confidence in u, cyn.. u r one strong willed and street smart lady.. go and do what your heart desires!

  10. I can understand your situation...Money is pretty important in life.
    Let's cool down and think what is the best path for you to go.
    Since you have the interest in baking,it is no harm to take the course and it may give you best result in long run.
    Takecare dear!!...You sure can make it..have confidence on yourself..!!

  11. I kind of agree with Eugene. I think you already got what it takes.. so with more trial and errors you'll be able to perfect your skills. If you go for courses, who knows, you'll end up learning what you already KNOW and worse.. spend money for nothing..

    All the best to you Cynthia :)

  12. look like money is very important for everyone.

    cannot deny that.... :(

    Try you best n you can do it.

  13. *sobS* Tak tahu this Sat ON or not... getting worst... runny nose and now fever oso... the runny nose part is the worst... making wanton... =( Will let you know la...not good if I go out den infect ppl with my damn germs. T_T

  14. ps: If you decide to go for the course... go ahead...sky is the limit. You might learn things in a different perspective. I always believe in pursuing further education. In fact, I have thoughts on doing Masters as well...when my boy finally goes to primary and whatnot. It's natural that you wanna further your education. I understand that there's $$ issues too, but... when there's a will, there's always be a way, and things will work out just fine in the end. If you're gonna study, go for it! As your friend, I support you, and if you need people to mind princess for you at night and whatnot and cannot find people...I can make arrangements to take her in while you do your stuff. =D Not a problem. I'm offering help cuz I know one day, I might need the same kind of help too...and I hope by then, people will help me out too.

  15. as for moving out, I dont think so yet. wait till you are financially stable

    as for course, ya, it;s good to take up the course but then again $$ issue. Butif you wanna do anything better make it soon as the monthly instalment will be stopping soon, right? in a little more than a year.

  16. Follow your heart! Where there's a will, there's a way.

  17. @Eugene... thanks for the advise, but certain things we might need some professional teaching too...

    @Claire.. Thanks...

    @MeRy... thanks for that.. consideration on the course...

    @Merryn... thanks for the support, and you want to be one of my guinea pig for my trial and errors?

    @Voon.. ppl always say, $$ is not all power, but no $$ you definitely no power lor..

    @Cleff... ok ok, better take care and rest well.. drink water lots lots!

    @Cleff.. thanks for your offer, and YES, anytime for you if you crave for CAKES!

  18. A lot of your friends know how to bake really well... You just had dinner wid one yesterday Hint Hint :D someone you knows mom is also very good Sometimes things can be worked out and all can be good. Let me know and we what we can do to help you OK? :) oh I can't bake so it's not me!

  19. Reading thru your blog, I just realised how strong you are! I am also trying to venture into baking as an income but never had the courage to pay up so much for a full time course. I wish you all the best and maybe we may cross path one day via baking. Happy Baking to the both of us!


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