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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Ring

Think most of you now know that over the last Hari Raya holiday, I have been pretty busy preparing for my beloved brother's wedding.  It came like lightning and in a month over, we are happy and done with it.  I always wanted to see how a couple's wedding ring be.. whether it's Green Diamonds or just colorless.  

During my SIL's employment with one of the famous jewelery shop in Mid Valley, I thought she would be able to get some discounts if she wanted to buy her rings.  I have been asking her to get some nice Yellow Canary Diamonds instead of those common ones, since she can actually have discounts and it's from my brother's pocket.

I remembered back those days, when I was tricked into believing I will be a 'bride' I always long to have a diamond rings.  I even go around everywhere to search for one that suit me the best.  Guess since I didn't manage to get one that I like, it also telling me that the 'truth' is behind it.  See, another thing about diamonds that I believe...

I wanted it so much for a diamond, and let's make this my target in time to come... 

I am sure with some changes to my current way of living, I will be able to see this DIAMOND on my finger instead of the picture! Another reason of why I prefer diamonds to gold?  Because diamond comes with a certificate and guarantee!! 

Wish me luck my dear friends... either I find this piece of diamond on my own, or I find one that can afford to buy one for me... and I think it's easier if I find it on my own...


  1. These days alot of ppl blogging about diamonds - man can actually breed diamond, u heard of that b4? I personally love diamond too!~ angeline

  2. @Angeline... could it be a trend now for diamonds? and YES, man now breed diamonds!


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