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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

After choux, we did cookies

After 2 days of making the difference use of choux pastry, we did cookies instead on the 3rd day.  It’s nice to know the various cookies available, and the various cookies we can made from the same recipe.

On this day, in summary, we did Sablé Viennois (Vienna Cookies), Florentine, Diamond cookies and Linzer. 

Firstly, let me introduce you the Linzer, it’s a pastry that carry a tinge taste of cinnamon, and have a nice combination of it’s raspberry filling. 

combine 26 

Next, it’s the Vienna cookies, a buttery cookies that melt in the mouth!  It’s a very nice cookies since I don’t find it too sweet too!  In addition, we can also give the cookies a different varieties besides butter.  We added pistachio, almond, chocolate too! 

combine 27

Next, we continued doing the Florentine, a kind of cookies that has a layer of caramelise sugar with almond flakes, spread on top of thin layer of dough.  It’s give you a crunchy top, with some chewvy base. 

combine 28

combine 29

Last, before we clock out for class, we did this cookies by the name of Diamond Cookies.  I think this cookies got it’s name from the sugar coating.  After a good bake in the over, the cookies will come out like a diamond sparkling.  The texture of the cookies, is almost the same as the Dutch butter cookies that has the sugar on top if you can ever recall…

Now, this diamond cookies were not bake on the same day.. we only prepared the dough, as it needed some chilling before going into the hot oven.  Stay tune and come back again tomorrow to see what else I bake.


  1. cynthia, your cookies are getting me drooling as time goes by now! :)

  2. that one look like "sat kei mah". I love that :p

  3. This is so cool!!!!!!! I so want to go to baking school NOW! :D


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