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Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Step

I went to the bakery school again, and spoke to the boss.  Initially I wanted to offer him my blog space as then I will blog about my daily school activities, and see if there is any opportunity for me to have a lower fees. This school is relatively new in the market, and because of that, they offer lots of different recipes comparing to those already substantial in market. 

Now back to my visit and discussion with the boss, they are willing to give me some discount and I  can pay with installments, but with the condition that I start it on the 11th of October 2010!  For the first 5 days of the class, it will be exciting coz they have got a  International known chef coming to do some sugar crafting, and I get to do it hands ON!  

And since it's NEW, I got all personal teaching (coz the class is small) from the French Chef, and I got to access the 'library of recipe' all I can!!  

If you now ask me if I am going for it, I am again in consideration coz and again, $$ is my concern.  Nevertheless, I think I am 80% there, and I will do all my best in order to make this happen!  I am very very very very very very much interested in this, and my dream of having my own bakery / cafe will have to 'materialize' one day!


  1. GO GO GO!!! GO FOR IT..
    not so expensive, is it?
    yeah..tell them about your giving them free publicity! a lot of food bloggers online..

  2. Claire.. for 3 months, come near to 10K lor... you say go or not ah?

  3. Best Wishes to you.
    Invest now and you will reap later. If you open your cafe/bakery..dont you think you will get more in return???

  4. You can do it!! Achieve your dream!!! Go Cynthia Go Go Go!!!

  5. Go....it is your dream. All the best.

  6. Cynthia...u can do it!!Go go!! If u want to hire ppl in ur bakery...hire me to makan ar...LOL!!

  7. Wow! Go go, Cyn! I support you. If you need extra hand with princess, just let me know... I can accommodate her. =D I support, I support! =D Good luck in your studies... and all the best to you.

    One day if you bukak kedai...u dun forget me ah... I wanna be labfairy! LOL!

  8. GO ahead with it...you sure can do it.

  9. Go for it! May your dream comes true!


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