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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2 @ School – crafting continues with Pastillage

Pastillage, now pronounce it as “PAHS-tee-AHJ“ and it’s mainly a sugar dough that we use for decorative purposes.  We were taught how to make our own sugar paste, and also being introduced those out of shelves product too!  See, this is another good point of classes, as you have better understanding of the difference without the need of going through much hassle.  Now, I can know what kind of sugar paste will suits what kind of deco that I plan to do.

Let me show you some photos during the class, however none of the below was my work, as I am practising something else on the other side of the room..


What am I practising?  Of course it’s the sugar craft again… and my target?

100_3129 I WANT TO CRAFT A SWAN!!! See see, my ‘si fu’ doing one…

I think this school is really good in the sense that we all have a chance to HANDS ON 90% of the time in class!!  hurray!!  Meanwhile, the chef is always there for us to ask him tonnes and tonnes of questions! 


  1. I am very sure you are sure very the happy learning new stuff everyday,, second day already lol.

    happy for you

  2. Interesting. Show us more picture

  3. Well done....and keep up your good work!!

  4. Ohhhh.... that's the way they make sugar dough, interesting!

    Btw, congratulation for your undertaking! How I wish I could continue study something I like!

    Have a nice day Cynthia!


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