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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 2 with World Champion

Day 1 was great, and Day 2 was ‘greater’!  Beside having further enhancement skill on air brush, we were guided on sugar craft too!  Chef brought in lots and lots of stencils, moulds and even those that he uses for his competition!  I let the pictures do the talking, as I think I have write too much!  I just can’t wait to share more of what I have learned over the last 1 week!

combine 6

combine 7

combine 8

combine 9

combine 10 

combine 11

combine 12

combine 14

combine 15

combine 13 

The class was for 4 days, unfortunately I can’t attend those on weekend since no one taking care of Princess, but I sure know that there will be lots more of stuff to catch up with my fellow classmate when I am back in school tomorrow!  See if there be any more showpieces available for me to shoot some photos and share with you!

Next week, class will back to basic and shall keep you updated further!


  1. sounds pretty complicating to me.. u know la.. i seldom go cooking in the kitchen one.. :(

  2. Haizz... you mention nobody babysitting Anna... just to let you kno... I can accommodate her if you need it.


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