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Friday, October 8, 2010

I am getting nervous... coz it's getting to start soon

YES, you heard me right.. I am going to start school all over again for 3 months and I am getting nervous.

From all the angels, I think I shouldn't give this a miss, since it's such a good offer and it could bring me more knowledge. Well, despite all the supports from friends, I do faced a very huge 'cold water bucket' being thrown to my face from someone dear to me, but hack, I am going ahead!

My only concern I have is my little Princess, and hope she will be able to tolerate for these 3 months, and we will have more bonding time in future. With the start of my class, I will be out from the house from at least 8am to 6pm and she will surely miss her mummy during this timing. I kept telling myself, it's just a 3 months thing, and I should see the future in us coming.

Now, soon... this will be also my baking blogs, which I will post my daily products for your review and tell me what do you think of it ya... CHEERS!


  1. Good luck, Cyn! Don't worry, you'll do very well. Can I know the name of the school? I'm taking baking classes now too :)

  2. Cynthia: Gambate! 3 months not very long....Will follow ur blog closely abt ur baking class! have a nice day

  3. So u r going to stop work too? All the best to your Baking Classes, Cyn!!

  4. Good luck, dear...and all the best to you...

  5. wei...review only ah? tarak for tasteing meh? :p

  6. U r very brave to take this step. Good luck in your new adventure. Look forward to reading about your bake postings.

  7. This is a good start. Best Wishes

  8. Hey! All the best to you!
    Must bake for us when we go KL next time! :P

  9. Cynthia, good that you are chasing after your dream!


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