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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The journey continues with the World Champion (Day 1)

We had finally come to the day the World Champion, Chef Stephane Treand in the house to further enhance our class.  This class cost RM2,000 for those who wanted to join us, and since we are the students of the school, we get to learn it along with our usual class.   It’s so amazing for someone to come in, and it’s really an eye opener for me.  The way Chef go along with his crafting is really excellent. 

It’s nice that he also shared the sugar arts techniques of sugar boiling, casting pulling Pastillage design and air brush techniques.  We also got a chance to practise hands on with him guiding us along the line.  I will slowly give you an idea of what the above techniques are about in the upcoming few post.  Besides, there were also Executive Pastry Chef from well known hotels attended the class, and we all got the chance to share different ideas too!

For a start, he shared with us another recipe to make pastillage, by using different ingredients and also different texture.  In addition, he taught us how to do cut out the pastillage.  To show you a few cut outs that he done, and mind you, these all done using “FREE HAND”!  For us, even with a ‘stencil’ we can’t even cut out the right way we wanted it to be.

combine 1

combine 2

Cut out by Chef Treand

combine 3  The Chef in action!

We were then given our time to try out the different cut out on our own, before proceeding to lunch.  We were served Macaroons and Mini Croissant by the school too!  I tell you, the Macaroons were so nice (note: A must to get it right from the Chef).  It’s just so melt in my mouth immediately when I put it in!  I show you the photos here…



After lunch, we were guided on the air-brush technique by the Chef!  Did you spot the fish at the top?  Now, let’s see what happen to the fish..

combine 4

combine 5See the first picture? it’s a print out that Chef use as an ‘example’ to show us the air brush techniques..

For the 2 last pictures, keep that in your mind, I have something more to show you in coming up post!!


  1. I'm waiting to be ur guinea pig... and I want to eat Macaroons...

  2. wah..those u learn over there so changgih one!


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