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Monday, October 25, 2010

TM Point Taman Desa

I went to TM Point this morning @ 10am, and waited for almost 2 hours before I am able to get my turn! I was there to do a termination of line for the Company since we no longer using that number.

If you ask why am I being so furious? It's not coz of the waiting time, it's the inconsistency of the procedures!  You see, I have been dealing enough with all these so call 'corporates' to understand that each time they will give you some kind of S*it, so in order to avoid me going 2 or 3 rounds to get things done, I called up 100 to enquire about the necessary documentation and was informed that ONLY Authorisation letter, with both the Director's and my IC will do! 

I have even asked further on the Company chop and also other documentation, and again I am assured with NO NEED!

While I was queue-ing to get a number, the front desk checked the Company account number, and informed me that the account is not valid.  Furthermore, the name appear on the bill and the letterhead differ (but this was due to change of Company name)!! After some explanation that the company stated in the bill is no longer exist due to change name, she gave me a number (NOTE:  The number serving is 2017, and mine was 2010)!!

And YES, for 3 customers, TM took 2 hours to serve!!!!!!  I was like, better make sure they don't give me crap or else I am sure going to 'blast'!  and true enough, the lady who served me whom wearing a badge "I'm a trainee, please be patient while being serve" asked me if I got the Company chop with me coz she need to complete some forms!! I was like... huh?  I told her NO, I didn't coz I have called 100, and they say  NO NEED!!

She then was trying to tell me.. "no chop, then we cannot proceed"... and I told her directly that 'look, I am here to do a TERMINATION, and if you not going to proceed, then I will just leave the phone line idle since no one is in that premise!  She then only 'take her own sweet time' to check with her officer, and allow me to go ahead with the necessary..

Next, come the question... Do you have your Form 13 with you?  I was again.... taking a pen and circle the Company letter showing the Company Name with a bracket says "formerly known as XXX Sdn Bhd" and with a not very happy face, she walked in to the office again to ask for 'go ahead'!

Finally, she came out and told me, OK... done, we will do the necessary.  And mind you, she didn't even give me any acknowledgment about the termination process.  I have to tell her again, please chop and sign the company letter and return to me just in case you didn't proceed as state (which this is the very common case in TM)!

And guess what, all this done in less than 15 minutes!!!  Isn't some 'blasting' do works sometimes?


  1. Oh..talking about TM...I hate their poor customer service,and I just called them up this morning checking on my case which was pending for about a month and till now still under investigation..I am going to explode and scold the supervisor....die die today must get back to me on my case.

  2. Usually I go to TM Tower terus... so far no prob... if just go to normal TM Point instead of TM Tower itself... WALAO... can make me boil for months!

  3. I had my streamyx line barred couple days ago. When i inquired at 100, the operator proudly said that I was already overdue (last payment was in august). When I checked my latest paid bill, I already paid in early October, with extra somemore!!!

    They said the 'system is not update the account'. and when she happily told me that there will be RM10 reconnection charge added to my next bill, I gave her an earful with all the *beep* words that I knew in all languages...then she finally said it will be waived...see how la nxt month...if still got the RM10 in my bill, see how lor.....it's not about the money, really. But I felt it's unfair for me to pay for something that wasn't my fault.

  4. sure furious.. 2 hours is a long time!!

  5. my goodness..u really waited for 2 hrs. I can only tahan half an hour..


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