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Thursday, November 25, 2010

3 days with World Champion

During the week when my birthday fell on, we had a World Champion Chef (2001), Mr Michel Willaume in class to teach us more about baking, cakes and chocolate.  This class has given me more knowledge in terms of ingredient and other points that effect the quality of the cake.  Chef Willaume is someone that has go through lots and lots of experiences and he is one that not ‘stingy’ to share his knowledge.

I had tonnes of photos in my FB, and I only pick out the final product photos here for you to see, and I tell you, the cakes below were all just ‘yummy-licious’.. We had a 3 days hands-on class, and we able to make 7 cakes in total..

blog - Delicious exotic cheesecake tart 2 

blog - Delicious exotic cheesecake tart This cake has a layer of crunchy sponge, with exotic fruits such as pineapple and mango in the centre, before having top with a cheese cake like sponge.  The cream on top also gives the cake extra creamy texture…

blog - chocolate raspberry tart 3 Layer cakes with a pie crust at the bottom, raspberry jam in the centre, and top with Chocolate Chiboust Cream.  *note:  the top layer of the cake is using chocolate spraying method as deco*

blog - robusta A layer of sponge cake at the bottom, with chocolate mousse as the filing, and not forgetting the chocolate streuzel as some ‘crispy’ feeling.

blog - sweet Roudoudou A layer of almond sponge, with wild strawberry and litchi (lychee) jelly.  The topping cream is white chocolate / strawberry whipped ganache

blog - longchamp Sandwich of Strawberry jam with Madeleine pistachio, and whipped strawberry ganache.  The top layer is decorated chocolate disc.

blog - chocolate, spicy & fruity flavours A layer of Dacquoise and mango compound with like a meringue with passion fruit

blog - making reference to the coulantA round chocolate balls contain both citrus soup and chocolate mousse.  Deco with Apricot compound.

Do you know how the Coulant is serve?  It has to be ‘break’ in front of person eating… like this..

breaking the Coulant The citrus soup will flow out from the ‘broken’ chocolate ball, and the mousse will stay in… isn’t this a good idea to high some ‘valuable’ gift inside?


  1. wow..looks so complicated to me.. and yet so yummy!

  2. Hi!Cynthia,
    This is my first time visit to your blog. You have made a lot of lovely and yummy foods.I love to see all the photos posted here.

  3. how much did the course cost you ?


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