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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back to cookies

After the first day of cookies baking, we continue more of the cookies.. I am actually happy to say that I didn’t choose the wrong school even the school is still new, reason being we are able to learn various recipes each day.  We at least have 2 to 3 food to bring back each day!! The followings and the one in my previous post were all done in 4 days.

combine 30 Lavaratodd’s is a kind of choc chip cookies in big spread.  It has a chewvy texture when you bite!

combine 32 Amaretties can be consider as the earlier version of macaroons

combine 33 Coconut Cookies – very fragrant cookies should one enjoys coconut

combine 34

combine 35

combine 38

Variety of Biscotties

combine 36Sebastopol is using raspberry jam as a filling and top with another layer of pastry.   

 combine 39

Toffee!!  A rich and nutty cookies!

combine 37

Twille is more to use as decoration

combine 31

Diamond cookies, the variety of sugar coated cookies and it taste like the Dutch butter cookies!!

Upcoming… Cakes, Cakes, Cakes


  1. wow... so much to learn, cyn.. and so drooling too!

  2. Hey sister, i can feel that you are very happy doing what you are passionate about and i am happy for you as well... continue to be creative ya...i know you are there already,,,,,,

  3. woi...ada lagi ka? hungry. The cookies you gave habis liao :p


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