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Friday, November 19, 2010

Books Love Me giveaway

I recently got to know a bookworm creping into my life and also another vampire author who just influence me too much into books.  I have read a few more books.  Now, I am also joining them into the crazi-ness of joining books giveaway.

This is my first time joining a book giveaway and hopefully my lucky star will be at my side.. Books Love Me is now into the 4th Anniversary, and it is doing a giveaway.  The giveaway contest will end on 8th December 2010, and should you love books, maybe you can join the giveaway too!

Good luck everyone!


  1. Alamak *pengsan* my name pulak kena mention. LOL... aiyo, Cyn, you really make me terkejut that day saw u in BBW sale. LOL... never thought I'd see you there. LOL!

  2. i wonder who is the bookworm. Page kenot display geh :p

    so what book u aiming for? Me aiming for Tash aw"s The invisble world map and Taikor by KKH


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