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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies For Sale

If you now ask me, how do I survive a full time 3 months course and with RM1K (RM500 from my part time job, and another RM500 from ‘that’ person).  Frankly speaking, I don’t really know… All I know is that I don’t spend just simply.. each cent counts… Out of the 1K, RM700 will be going to the maid for sure… the balance of my RM300 is really precious…

I packed lunch to school nowadays, so I don’t have to spend extra on food.  If I drive, parking will be RM5 per day.  I don’t have to pay for petrol, since the car is shared between myself and my brother, and the petrol is covered by the ‘job’ of picking and sending the twins.  If I don’t drive, I will have to take trains and the journey will be from Bukit Jalil to Masjid Jamek and change to AsiaJaya.  So, I usually asked my brother to drop me at the Bangsar LRT.  The train journey will take me approx 1 hour to reach the school if I take from Bukit Jalil.  I have always been late to my class since I can only reach home from the usual morning routine at 845am (and that’s the earliest so far) and rushing to school arriving at 9.20am.  I carry a stored value LRT cards so in the event I am ‘penniless’, I know I can still get to school.  *so, it’s heart pain for I paid RM10 for cab this morning coz no one willing to send me to Bangsar train station*

Nevertheless, I keep telling myself it’s only 3 months, and after which I can have better planning on my dreams to come true.  I have to keep reminding myself my dream, my Princess and myself.  I positively keep telling myself I can go through this *hey, at times, it really feel like ‘dying’.. *

Well, enough of that, I need some ‘help’ here too!  I am currently selling my BEST chocolate chip cookies as a start and I am seriously trying to see if I can earn a living out of it.  Of course, I am not just selling cookies but for a start, I want to do something that I am really confident in, and I am very sure it’s taste the BEST! 

After some thoughts and some discussions with family and friends, I finally decided on the packaging and so forth…

I will be selling the cookies in the square air-tight microwaveable container (as I don’t think the red cap container is presentable enough) and each container will have a unique (one and only) packaging using the magazine’s paperbag!  I personally fold those bags, and it will then contain the cookies.  I hope with this packaging idea, I can do my part being environmental friendly (since I have some magazines lying around) and able to attract more customers.

The bag will have a ribbon, together with a message card too (I am working on the message card now).  Let me show you the photos…

DSC01903 DSC01901

Some details of the cookies

It comes in 3 variety flavours and bake fresh from oven every day after school  (so, you order you get it 2 days later via courier)

1.  Chocolate chip & almond cookies

2.  Chocolate chip & walnut cookies

3.  Chocolate chip & raisin cookies

Price:  RM20 per pack excluding delivery

Delivery Charges: 

RM12 for maximum of 3 packs (for Peninsula Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM3.

RM25 for maximum of 3 packs (for East Malaysia).  Additional packs will cost RM6.

Overseas courier charges available upon request.

All delivery will be taken care by the courier man.

I of course welcome purchase in bulk / re-seller, and special discount can be arrange. 

All orders can be either email or FB to me. 

In advance, I thank you for your support!


  1. What a fabulous idea! I want, I want, I want!!!
    I would like to order 2 boxes of each flavour please :)They make great presents :)

  2. and i can tell u they are DELICIOUS!


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