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Monday, November 29, 2010

Have you get bored about cakes?

Think this would be a final part of cakes for the time being.. at least this week, we did BREAD! muahaha… A few more cakes below, and I think you will start to see BREAD in the upcoming post..

Apricot Cake Chocolate Coquantine with Apricot Jelly (bit sourish)

blog - black forest cake Another version of decorated Black Forest Cake

blog - Caramel mousse cake  caramel mousse 

caramel mousse 2 The various type of decorated Caramel Mousse Cake.. If you hop over to STP’s blog, you will know that I given a slice of this cake for them to try..

deco paste

We also being taught how to do a deco paste… to use as deco for just plain sponge..

IMG_0008OH… btw, these were the 3 cakes that I brought home.. and shared each piece with STP during his visit to KL..

next, anyone want to meet me for cakes?


  1. I will only take cakes provided with coffee,,no coffee no cakes,, don't why i like those creamy taste with those thick coffee flavor, blend in so well..

    hey cyn,your baking skill must have improved by leaps and bound already lol,,,

  2. I am always excited when talks about food and cake is one of my favo food.
    How I wish I have chance to try out the cakes too....should fly to KL and visit u one day.

  3. So lucky STP and other fellows can taste your cakes!Yum yum!

  4. yum. look delicious . will you accept me as ur student? heheh.
    btw, my blog is wordpress one, but the one allowed to comment here is only the blogspot one? O.o


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