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Friday, November 19, 2010

Into the 3rd Week of Baking

3rd week, things were getting more intensive… I am going to share some photos and do the narrations together…

blog 1 We did this continuing from the previous week, since we have made the dough and kept in the freezer.  The skill here is to ensure that cutting is equal length and you can get nicely arranged checkers cookies..

blog 3  blog 2

Chocolate Fondant

blog 4

Apple Pie 

 blog 5 Quiches

blog 6

blog 7

One of my favourite.. Opera Cake

blog 8

Some Fridays, we were tested on the studies of all the previous baking we have done, and were asked to do eclaires, macaroons, and croissant.

Stay tune for more in Week 4… a month into the learning process

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  1. Drool...drool! Wish I were living next door to you! I'll volunteer to be you guinea pig! Yum! Yum! LOL!!!

  2. Oh...I feel hungry when saw those yummy pics..

  3. wah..taking up cooking/baking lessons aint easy hor... u get to cook/bake n u need to eat them.....

    good on ya. i'm waiting for ur bakery shop.


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