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Monday, November 8, 2010

Modern French Pastry

We had a special class for 2 days introducing Modern French Pastry.  Why do I say special? Coz this class is also open to other students who interested to do short classes like this.  Each month, the Academy conducts different short classes for those who keen to learn baking, and it’s usually during Friday and Saturday.  2 days course is cost RM500. 

Our target over the 2 days were to produce 3 type of cakes with the final presentation and also decorations.  Let me preview what we going to learn first..

100_3555 Cerise Sur Le Gateau

100_3554 Vanilla Mousse & Forest Fruit Jelly


Chocolate Brownie 

Over the 2 days, we prepare the base, since it’s all layered cakes, and we really had a great time… From the diagram, you will see we have to do the followings before the assembling the cakes:-

  1. Hazelnut Darquoise
  2. Praline Croquintain
  3. Ganache Mollouse
  4. Chocolate Chantily
  5. Almond Sponge
  6. Vanilla Mousse
  7. Forest Fruit Jelly
  8. Brownies
  9. Chocolate Mousse
  10. Chocolate Glaze

And to make things simple, let me just show you the cakes

Cerise Sur Le Gateau

vanilla mousse with Forest Fruit Jelly Cake chocolate brownie

Are you now in your mind that we are only doing these 3 cakes?  Then you are totally wrong… besides the above, we also prepare the followings:-

chocolate tart lemon merigue tart lemon merigue tart 2 macaroon colour macaroon

As I have always said, this Academy actually fully utilise our time, and never wasted any of them.  Even we have done with the 3 cakes, we were given more to practise and to learn.  It’s always nice to have nice chefs who are willing to share and guide you along during classes than those who will keep things to themselves.

More to come.. and do come back if you want to know more about this Academy and my bakings.. :D


  1. It looks nice ,but too complicated for me...
    Keep it up,Cynthia..

  2. I read all your entries on your school life... wow.. I also want to join the course, next time lo... keep it up, and you are doing great... can't wait to see what else you have learned ...

  3. Looks so deli!! You are getting so pro now and soon, maybe can open your own cafe edi :P :P

    GO go go Cynthia!

  4. Cynthia, this baking class u taking seems to be only for the professional right? they don't look like those baking class held in normal bakery shop.


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