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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Birthday

Just an hour ago, marked the end of my 33rd Birthday celebration.  This is a no photo post, as I literally forgotten about my camera when I went out.

It started with a day of class with a Award Winning Chef from France, and it’s a very interesting class.  I don’t have the photos yet since the classes are going on for the next 2 days and will only end on the 17th November (YES, even public holiday we got class)! 

Class end later, and while in school, I receive a call from my best buddies… (they wanted to have dinner with me last night, however due to certain circumstances, we decided to make it on the actual day of my b’day) that they will be coming to my house after work.  I was really touched with their thought of spending my b’day with me. 

We went to the restaurant near my house, and have a nice dinner… and later proceed to Starbucks as they are now offering the Toffee Nut Latte (a seasonal drink that I won’t miss every year even during my pregnancy) muahaha… This year, my plan was to bake a cake for myself either at home or in class, however due to the busy schedule, I didn’t manage to do it.  But I was treated a slice of SB Chocolate Tuxedo (Layered chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and sponge), together with my cuppa of coffee!

Back home, my mum has prepared the ‘mee suah’ soup with chicken thigh and also red eggs (a symbol of good health and long life) to celebrate this day with me.  Even with a full tummy, I still ate a small bowl of the mee suah and the last 10 minutes of my b’day, I swallowed the red egg!

When I got the time to open my FB, I saw tonnes of Birthday wishes, and even belated ones (or I take it a year advance wishes)!  Beside, I also received numerous SMS too!  I also received birthday wishes in my blog!!

It’s a simple day spend with loads of best wishes for me! and a great day with my little Princess!

Thanks everyone!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday,,,ganti balik another day :D

    Got borong some barang for you :D

  2. Come, letsgo makan... cincai or wherever... =D Celebrate ur bday. Kekekeke!

  3. Wish you were in Penang, i will belanja you minum Latte ala Keat Seang flava,,hahahaha.

    May God continue to bless you and the littel Breanna,,,,,ya,,, good health and smile always,,

    will be here always to visit take care now

  4. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CYNTHIA!! so u r 33.. sang sang all the way!!!

    so sorry.. didnt check FB one.. only went in last night..

  5. Happy Birthday Cynthia ! Wishing you good health and all things well :)


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