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Saturday, December 25, 2010

3 Days Major Breakdown

My engine finally decides to ‘shut down’ and REST for 3 days!  Prior to the shutting down, I have been feeding myself loads of chocolates from the chocolates class, and there explain the initial ‘boost’ to it.  Later, I was running around under the rain in Kota Damansara with some of my schoolmates since it’s a school trip.  Upon returning home that particular evening, I know I am going to be GONE but never expect it that bad!

Yes, for me.. down for 3 days are bad bad bad… coz even I have some ‘cha teh’ aka seeking attention moment where I will have slight headache or body aching, I never fell sick.  All the ‘cha teh’ moments end with a pill or two of panadol and I am done! This time round, it lasted a whole 3 days, and it not just affect me, but my Princess too!

Since I have not wean Princess off, the moment I am back from school that very day, after my bath and so forth, I wanted a nap and Princess wanted her fix.  There we both lying down sleeping together and huff.. we both got a high temperature the moment I got up!

Friday.. have to take a day off as I am feeling unwell with fever not subside, and also sore throat.  Main reason was Princess still unwell too!  So, staying home to care for this demanding Princess, and in between, I still bake my cookies for sales.  I still accepting orders for Christmas, and I am also doing some plans for the coming Chinese New Year (money can really hard to earn nowadays).

All I can say is that lucky all this happen this week, and NOT LAST WEEK!!  If it happen last 2 week… I would have doomed myself not able to enjoy the wonderful stay in Marriot, Putrajaya with Hweili, Irene and Rachel and meeting the moo-mies!  While typing this post, I am still coughing away, but both of us got better…

Even this post was typed a week ago, but yet still didn’t find time to complete and post it!


  1. you take care and hope you'll get well soon for some nice Christmas dinner !
    Merry Christmas !

  2. Get well soon...

    Merry x'mas and Happy New year,Dear!!

  3. Take care. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Cynthia.

  4. Merry Christmas. Hope you get well soon.


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