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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Change of Title

This time round, it’s not the theme, but the big big title…

Let’s say bye bye to this


and put your hands together to welcome this…


The name of the title has change, so do the description of the blog.  Now, the title will gives me the motivation of realising my dream in the coming 2011, and the description is to show that I am now in a better place than before.

My frequent readers will know something missing in my blog, which is the ‘story’ behind me.. I have moved that to my other ranting blog (go search for the link if you want to read).  I am not going to do promotion on that blog here since I wanted to keep moving on.. but be warn that the ranting blog has really good rants going on.. :p

This blog will be updated for more happy happenings, my baking, and of course, I hope to earn some pennies from this blog too!  I hope to work on the ranking, and seeing the increasing number too!

Tell me what you think of the new change… oh ya.. thanks to STP for giving me the blog title too!


  1. *clap2* waaaa.. bread and cake is definitely cyn-ful. they r the reason i am fat. hahahaha

  2. Aha! You're using my suggestion! I'm so very flattered... Pssstt!!! Later I go KL, collect royalty, ya? Payment in kind -cakes and cookies...all welcome! LOL!!!

  3. This is one of the most if not the only most original blog title, i like it very much Cyn-ful... now next time i know whom to look for, for kinky and original ideas, none other than STP..

    dont play play, he was the ex radio man,,, now get the juice out of him everybody.

    by the way,on the brighter side, it is nice to know that your past shall not be your future,and your presence shall give you a lot of joy from this day on...

    god bless Cyn-ful...just love this

  4. Lol......I bet cikgu will mintak commission


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