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Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Post for 2011

Even it’s already the 8th day of the 2011, I still wish to wish all of you a Good New Year!  I hope everyone got a good head start!

As for myself, the 2011 started off quite well I would say… I have started to take orders for cakes, and successfully got 3 cakes sold.  Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture the cake photos, as I am always rushing to deliver the cakes on time.  The only hope is on the customers.  I collect feedbacks from the customers, and so far, all end well… I am happy that people are enjoying my labour of love. 

My classes are going to end soon.. and soon to say on coming Monday, 10th January 2011… I really miss my classes very much, and within the 3 months, I have learned a lot!  Lot that I can make impressive improves on my baking!  I have to thank my 2 wonderful chefs in the school that have put in so much effort in ensuring we achieve what we want (well, at least for me).

These 3 months passed like lightning, and I simply too busy to even update the blogs (mind you, I have 3 to maintain now) and more to come as my www.cynfulpleasure.com will soon be up!  Waiting for the ‘professional’ to help me with it.  I need to learn up this webpage skill, so I don’t trouble my FOC help that much (well, FOC with the condition that I stuff them with FOOD and they all become my guinea oink-oinks).

Recently, my head is spinning with lots of plans.. loads and loads of targets, loads and loads of missions and I hope by coming the end of the 2011, I at least achieve half of it.  The main one is that I wanted so much for my own cafe, and able to share my labour of love to everyone.  I have been telling myself, don’t care about the ‘profit margin’ first, let’s use the good quality ingredient in order to let everyone enjoy to the max.  The sales volume will good enough for me.

Now, 3 more weeks to Chinese New Year.  Myself consider good timing since my school ends, and I can fully put myself together and started baking for sale! I really need support from all over.  I want to focus only 3 type of cookies i.e. Brea’s Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brea’s Bake Sable Viennois and Brea’s Bake Traditional Kuih Kapet.  The selling price for all 3 types of cookies will be the same at RM20 each.  I have got some pictures snap, and now waiting for my bro to transfer it to me, and I will do a separate posting.

Meantime, if anyone who like to place an order for the cookies, you are always welcome to either leave me a comment, or email breasbake at gmail dot com.

Till then, got to run as my Princess is having running nose and she needs me back to her side to accompany her beauty sleep..


  1. Good luck in your business in 2011 - make lots of money and can treat me to nice dinner when I go KL.

  2. oink oink....cake habis makan liao...got anymore oink oink...

  3. Sis, my order is the two type of cookies except the kueh kapit... Let me know when can we collect....

  4. All the best ya,, may this year truly bring you great joy and by the way God Bless

  5. All the best in your business. Hope Princess will recover soon...


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