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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Maiden Trip

Yes, I make it just with myself and Princess travelling to Penang all by ourselves and driving!!  Thank GOD that we came home safe and sound, even enjoy the journey very much.

I make a promise to my customers in Penang that I will deliver the cookies to them personally on the 25th of January 2011 (very important date) and managed to ‘loan’ a car from a friend and zoom, we went!  We departed from KL at 9.30am, and Princess was getting sleepy in the car.  She slept for almost 2 hours and only got up when I am approaching the Tapah rest area.  The weather for that day was also very good.. not raining and not too hot too!  I make a quick calculation on my timing, and decided to call my customers in Ipoh informing that that I wish to drop the cookies to them on that day, instead of the day after (this will save me a day, and also accommodation expenses). 

Happy that all of them understand, and I am able to meet them up in different location in Ipoh area and settle with the delivery.  Then we proceed to Penang!  We arrived Penang about 4pm, and of course both myself and Princess already hunger.. and thank GOD that my aunt prepared lunch for us too!  I did not make a lot of stops along the journey, as I am very concern on the traffic.  Since it’s only myself and Princess, the speed has to be controlled too!  I can’t drive too fast… now, put a guess of what keep Princess quiet sitting down in the car during the journey.. (I tell you at the end of the post)

Upon arriving in Penang, we freshen up and got out again to meet my customers in Queensbay Mall.  We are able to do some shopping too!!  The only thing that was not very good.. I left my camera at home!!!  Aiyo, and also I left my phone charger too!!  See la, how mong cha cha I can be.  Therefore, this trip ended with no photos at all!

The night we were just having simple dinner with my aunt, and my cousin… and we headed to bed almost 11am.

Next morning, we went jalan-jalan again since my aunt was busy with her work, and I have booked her for facial session at 1pm.  After some jalan-jalan (again in Queensbay coz it’s the nearest mall to my aunt), we were back in the house and I had my ever first facial since the birth of Princess!  Guess what, Princess enjoy seeing the ‘facial’ process, and wanted me to wash her face the same way nowadays when she bath!

We left Penang about 2.30pm, and again I did my calculation… why?  Coz of my mong cha cha-ness, I ter-left 10 packets of Chee Cheong Fun during my previous trip, and I want to drop by there to collect it! (Ok, it’s nice that the aunty allow me to collect w/o charging me extra) and bought another few more packets back home.  I need to drive in Teluk Intan and out from there before the sky gets dark as the road leading into and out of Teluk Intan is quite winding and dark.  So, I sped a bit and able to reach Bidor exit around 5pm.  Drove in and reach Teluk Intan from Bidor about 6pm.  Chop chop collect the CCF, and drove back to Bidor again.  Just nice that we reached Bidor around 7++.

We both are famish since we didn’t have proper lunch and Princess didn’t get her nap too!  The return journey was not as smooth as going since she lost all her energy during the jalan jalan and keep wanting her ‘fix’.. So, I decided to stop and makan in Bidor.  I ordered a plate of single serving ‘wat tan hor’ and single serving of 'sambal belacan pucuk paku’ with a cup of coffee and leong sui.  The bill was amazingly cheap as I only paid RM7.50 for the dinner.  Princess shared the ‘wat tan hor’ and leong sui with me, and she love it to the max!

After dinner, we just take our sweet time to drive home, and my intention was to drop the Chee Cheong Fun to a friend but maybe due to over tiring journey, I missed the turning to Damansara, and exit Jalan Duta instead.  Make a quick call, and got home straight.  Arriving home sweet home at 10pm after spending 8 hours on the road…

Overall, it’s a pleasant trip with just myself and Princess.  I have never thought that we will make it that smooth and safe.  I have mentally prepared myself that I might just call my customers telling them ‘sorry’ if Princess fussing too much… thank GOD that she didn’t, and she totally understands the situation that the journey only consist me and her!!

I am glad and proud on this achievement, and seeing it this way, we can make more holiday plans without involving the bigger group (just in case).  I can’t be always depending on my mum to go with me everywhere I wanted right?  This is a good test for both myself and Princess!

OH, by the way… what kept Princess good during the journey?

The delicious, fragrant Prawn Crackers from Bagan Pasir!!


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you and family =)

  2. Wah you are really geng wor! Travel so far with toddler alone! Salute you!

    Btw, me have never gone for any facial session for 4 years liao since got children. >.<


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