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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Car Seat

Car Seat in Malaysia has been very expensive I would say, and it's such a necessity in view of the danger we are exposing our child without strapping them to the car seat.  Before the delivery of Princess, I was searching online for low price and home delivery car seat to ensure I am well equipped.

After some search, and some discussion with friends, they finally 'presented' me 2 car seats instead of one!!! Happy happy!  For the infant and baby age, they presented me a portable car seat, where I can actually carry Princess wherever I want to go.

Then later, I got another car seat from my boss (yes, I have a loving and caring boss) and she presented me this

and yes, these 2 car seats are such treasure for me as I am always alone taking Princess out, and she spend most of her days sitting in these car seats.

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