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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The day has come.. and hope it last

Oh... this is such a pleasant morning!

My little Princess waived me goodbye, with flying kisses and also bye-bye when I leave the house this morning!  If you read my post about the 'drama' every morning I had since I started work 3 weeks ago, you know I am so helpless to make sure my neighbour need not go through the 'drama' together with me.

Lots of readers asked to just leave with a harder heart, and yes, I did!  But this morning...

I told her, come let's go pom pom, and mummy need to go to work.. as I changed, I told her, mummy go work work ah, you stay at home with kakak ok?  she went silence (normally she already started her drama)... Then later she say, baby buy 'klate'... ok, mummy buy chocolate... her reply?  baby buy... ok la, baby buy...

So, after changing, I went out and tell her again, ask kakak carry you ah, mummy go work work... Princess called for kakak, but not asking to be carry, but asked kakak to put my stuff in the car!! and she took the remote control to kakak.  She then go to kakak, and ask to press the button opening the auto gate!!! Oh, can you imagine how happy and sad I am?

Princess then waved bye bye and keep smiling when I reversed my car out of the house compound...

Wah, I am driving to work with the biggest smile ever.. and hoping that tomorrow will be the same.. muahahhaa..


  1. oh yes! she has got used to it. it will be a no problem anymore for u to leave the house every morning.


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