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Monday, March 21, 2011

How do you get out of the house without notice

Since I started working 2 weeks ago, I have been having this issue..

My neighbours will know the time I am out of my house, basically because I have a screaming toddler which will start her 'plead' the time I tell her... "mummy go work work"... how ah?

This Princess of mine is always 'leeching' to me for every moment I am at home, but she is all OK if I am not around.. don't even need her 'pacifier'.  So, each morning when I am going out to work, she will start screaming with very very 'chai leong' (pitiful) plead... and with all her drama acting of tears and mucus.

Well, of course I will always delay till the very last minute before I 'yan sum' hard heartedly 'dump' her at home with her plead.. and when I am home, the helper will say...'dah, 5 minute sudah berhenti' (done, 5 minute she has stopped)..

But I am not in the preference of this '5 minute' drama each morning.  I felt bad each day I leave her at home (see, I even opt not to work 5 days but only 4) to compensate her my guilt!!! I don't know how long this drama will continue and it will be a deaftening way of hearing her plead..

come next month, the helper might be handilng a baby and Princess all her own, and this will not be a favourable situation, if my Princess 'plead' wakes the baby!!

how how how?  how long does your child take to 'understand' you going to work, and not gai gai!!


  1. I can understand how you feel..that is why I dare not leave Ryan at childcare centre for full day,instead I have to sacrifice myself to takecare of him
    in the afternoon,although I really wish I can back to work again.
    Do you plan to consider childcare centre for Princess? Over there,she will have lot of friends to play around,maybe can consider for half-day and slowly after she has adapted well,then change it to full-day care.
    Just a suggestion....

  2. For me, I just dump and not look back from Day 1.

  3. they will outgrow it very soon.

  4. Cynthia, tell her gently u r going to work, kiss her good bye and tell her mummy love her. And LEAVE WITHOUT LOOKING BACK!

    I done this with both my boys... (not to work of course..) Manfred is ok after a few attempt. Jude take longer to get the message. but now he will bid me good bye... without screaming 90% of the time. Mind you.. They scream pityful.... but the moment we left, they are actually ok.. They are fooling with the soft hearted mama...

    U can do it.... *hugZ*/


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