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Monday, March 28, 2011

Is that a prank call?

Since the incident of losing everything, I practically do not have cash in hand, and some of the money even stranded in the bank as I do not have a 'valid' identity to withdraw the amount.  I resorted that if I transfer those money stranded in my bank to another bank account, I will at least have some funds to use.  So, I log in to my RHB Bank portal, and wanted to transfer the money out to my MBB.  But to much disappointment, I am not allow to do so, as they do not have my handphone number to send the OTR code for me to proceed with the necessary.. Well, I remembered I did all this using the ATM machine when I first got my card, but it's too late to argue on this matter.

Well, the customer service officer who attended my call has been 'helpful' to assist me in updating my mobile number, and inform me that the OTR service will be available within the next 24 hours.  I happily put down the phone, counting the hours so that I can proceed with the funds transfer.

But on Friday afternoon, I received a call from a number 082276118 and I am very skeptical on this kind of number as it's either a local number or not even a Peninsula prefix.  When the person states that he was the representative from RHB Bank, and asking if I have apply for the OTR service, I answer YES.  Afterwhich, this person informed that he needs to 'verify' my information.

Since I am skeptical on the call, I actually asked the caller to identify the information they have in their hands, and I will tell them true of false.  (since it's verification, I am sure the caller has a set of information to be verified, right?)  But instead of telling me the information, this caller informed me that since it's 'inconvenient' for him to get my information, he can't proceed with the application, and I have to visit the branch.

This make me even more doubtful, and I insisted that he gave me my IC number as what he wanted but he quickly hang up my call.  I was like.. WTF?  

Anyway, till the moment I am typing this post, I am still unable to do any online transfer from my RHB bank... too bad... 

So, is this the normal procedure of banks calling to verify?  How the hell I know who am I speaking through the phone, and what if I 'leak' out my details thinking that it's true that the caller is from the bank?  Should I lodged a complain to the bank? 


  1. Just be careful about all this... ya.

    There are a lot of scam that can be seen as too good to be true and they really will make you think it is true,,, careful ya

  2. aiyo....that's dangerous...

    becareful and glad that you did the right thing! did not simply disclosed your personal info to that caller. Exactly, they should have the info if they wanted to do the verifications.

  3. when in doubt, better go direct to the bank and ask. the 082 number seems like from Sarawak.

    I remember sometime ago, there's someone claimed from TM called my house number and asked who hold the phone number account and my streamyx whether I got 'installed' already or not. I told them that since they from TM they should have known if I got streamyx installed or not...and he is asking for my home address some more!

    When I was quite reluctant to give, since I told him, that if he is really from TM, he should have known the name of the account holder, address, whether I subscribed for internet and all those things, but all he said is that he DON'T HAVE THE DETAILS. I mean...come on lah, you work with the biggest communication company in the country, there is this thing called 'COMPUTER DATABASE' right?

    Finally, when he seem not getting anything useful from me, he hung up. I posted this status in Facebook and a friend said there's someone claiming from Astro called his colleague, said that they need to 'look at the decoder for some problems'. Without thinking, the friend gave his home address and soon after, the house got robbed!

    So becareful of giving our info to strangers on the phone. If you in doubt, better call the bank or just take the trouble to go to the bank and settle things there...better go thru the fussy process than be sorry later. =)

  4. better still go collect your IC. http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2011/3/27/nation/20110327191114&sec=nation

  5. @small kucing... without a police report, it will cost $$ to do Mykad replacement.. RM100 per replacement..with police report.. FOC punya..

  6. The caller sound weird...be xtra careful and not to reveal any information.


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