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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A long break... and started working

I am blogging from my office desk now... (doomed if read by my boss.. hahaha)

I am trying to take a 5 minutes fast typing, and break the long break that I had for the blog.. I got so much to blog, but so less time doing it.  Since the end of CNY, I have been busy with Princess.. now with me having a job in hand, and also started taking more orders for cakes and buns, time are really getting very limited.

My little Princess also demanding full loads of attention when I am home, and each time I go near the PC, she will come saying 'bus' as she also wanted her share of youtube 'the wheel on the bus' video clip *sei for mou*

So, that more or less explain why the MIA happens...

Some ask where am I working now?  I am back with my migration consultation work, and working from Monday to Thursday only.. as Friday is reserve for my weekend baking projects.. I am glad that so far I have friends who are supportive in putting their trust on the cakes I made... hehheheh...

Now, 2 things extra you need and you can look for me..

1)  you want to get out of Malaysia or have another 'option' when things don't get better
2)  you want a cake, bread, or anything that can be bake

I am posting my website soon... real soon I mean...stay tune and ya... I got one post specially made for the 'donkey' of my life coming up soon too!


  1. At last...you are back to work and blogging world..

  2. Oi, woman... I owe you RM60. Kasi me ur account number la woi.

  3. haiyo this Cleffairy manyak ganas...ppl kejar hutang ada lah...but ni ppl kejar mau bayar hutang also ada...hahaha

  4. @small kucing.. ya la, so kan cheong... how nice if one donkey able to do that ah... or maybe she takut I 'advertise' her for RM60.. muahaha...

    @wenn.. ya..

    @Mery.. ya lor, back to work.. and every morning my neighbours will know when I leave the house..:p

    @Cleff... ambik biscuit baru bayar la!


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