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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It happen so fast, that I thought this 'id*ot" was reckless driving!!!

The story begins...

Once a morning @ 10.30am, I realised that the cake board for my order is too small to accommodate, and I went out and buy a cake box and board so that I can deliver the cake later in the evening.

So, I drove to the nearest bakery supply shop in my neighbourhood, and sine it's a early wet market, there was no parking available in front of the shop.  After turning 2 rounds, I finally found the parking space just at the road side near a coffeeshop.  Both me and Princess took a stroll to the shop, bought the item and we were all ready to get back.

While walking back towards the car, there was a van wanting to pass the narrow road, therefore, I told Princess to move inwards to the five foot way.  While turning in there, this 'monkey' came zoomed past me, and grab my stuff.  It swing out from my hand, and my stuff dropped a car length away.

I walked towards picking up my stuff, and realised that my money pouch was already GONE!!!  and by the time I looked up again, the 'monkey' already swing to the corner where my car was.. hopeless to give any chase already!

When all this happened, apparently no one noticed, and no one gave a damn of what had happened.  Anyway, I walked to the car, put Princess in, drove home with the 'fastest' speed I can, and call to cancel all my cards!!

Later, went to the police station make a report, and then to the bank!  Best of all, I drove to the police station with no IC and driving license + NOT A SINGLE CENTS!! I later came home, dig into my 'bad' habit of leaving some change in my handbag, and found RM2 (just nice to pay parking), and went to JPN Endah Parade reporting the lost of my MyKad!  While typing this, I then realised Princess MyKid also in the pouch but I did not report the lost of the card in my police report.. can I go back and change the report ah?

After getting the 'temporary' IC, I went to one of my bank hoping to have an ATM card change, and also withdraw some $$.  The bank officer told me that I can't as that was not my home branch where my previous ATM was issued! But I have another account in that bank which was open in that branch!  After some shouting negotiation, they finally issued me a ATM under the account I owe in that branch!

The best of all, I just withdrawn RM500 as a friend was asking if I can pay for his car loan (he has earlier transfer the amt to me), and due to the continuous rain yesterday, I didn't go to the bank, and the money now went to that 'monkey'!!! 

Now, my hand is still painful due to the impact of the snatch, but count it on blessing in disguise that both Princess and myself were not hurt!  I only need to go through the agony of all the reporting and traveling to get all my new cards and stuff!

This happened so fast, that even Princess had a shock when she saw the barang barang all on the floor!

Oh.. what an experience and hope this is the first and last~

And anyone interested to have a look at the cake?


  1. O.M.G.
    Most important, you and princess didnt get hurt. Hope you managed to cool down n relax....

  2. OMG..lucky you and princess are fine.

    Oh..the cake..looks yummy.

  3. haiyo...thank god both of u are fine. That's the most important thing.

  4. our public safety is in a very sad state. pathetic. such a beautiful country and yet ppl have to resort to snatching innocent victims.
    thank god you were not hurt.

  5. OMG, our neighborhood is so poor in its safety.. Glad you and Breanna were not hurt. Be more careful next time..

  6. Holy smoke, glad both of you were ok(physically)! Last time my mouth got snatched, she fell on the floor and torn her lips and broke her front teeth(the *&%#%@ was so strong), yeah... none of the patrons came to help too! How pathetic!

    I'm sorry for you, keep well and take care!

  7. Luckily u and princess are unharmed! That's most important.

    Btw, the cake you baked is so nice!

  8. Fortunately, both of u are not hurt. Be extra careful in future.

  9. I feel sorry to know the ordeal u have to go through. Thanks god, you and ur daughter are unhurt.

  10. i went through something similar last weekend too. my money, ic and license were stolen when i was shopping in sunway pyramid. :(


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