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Sunday, April 24, 2011

My 'weekday' job

Monday to Thursday, I am working with this Company as a consultant... While working here, I have the tendency of hearing what others feel about our country.  We hears people expressing their feelings over the future of their children, some even for themselves.

However, working here has got good prospect and environment.  The office is not a 'huge' organisation, and we work in a 'family'. Everyone is close to each other and we help each other attending to individual clients.

We have a great boss, a very experience consultant whom has been in the business for more than 20 years, and we are really grateful to have her leading the company.  No doubt that she has a very high standards of us preparing the submission documents, but we can understand that this is course she want to make sure that there will be no additional documentation required when the immigration officer assessing the application, hence we can complete the application ASAP.

Beside having a great boss, we also have a great cook (and this person is NOT me)! This is no other than my boss!!  Oh gosh, I always admire her as she is so capable when come to deal with the kitchen and office!! We have good lunch provided by our boss, and it's always an event of looking forward when at work... muahhahaa....

My boss believes that we should be fed well since we work hard too! hehehhe...

Actually this post was supposed to be schedule last month, when we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Company.  We were all invited for a buffet dinner @ The Shang-ri La hotel in town.

Happy Anniversary to Worldlink!

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