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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Need to start visiting

My blog ranking is falling very very badly... maybe due to my visitors thought that I have forgotten about them.. sobs sob....

In fact, I did not!  I still read blogs via Google Reader, however I just not have the time to put my foot prints on the blogs, and I think I got to start doing it again... I love blog walking, but sometimes the time I used to blog walk turns to run, and sometimes even just hop over...

So, better make myself up again, and start going to visit my blogrolls... or I might be forgotten of my existence for all...so, dear friends... please hang on there for my visits ya...

And also, I better make sure I update my blog EVERYDAY!!! Being too lazy nowadays is not helping!!! Aaarrgghhh.... OK, stay tune.. I got more to come...


  1. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it's been a while since i dropped by here.. sowwie..

    but am glad to be BACK :D

  2. hahahah woman! Terasa jugak ya... thanks for coming by again... :D

  3. i came, i saw but you disappeared and now you are back,, i shall be back for more,, don't worry sister,my support always ya

  4. Now i have added yr new blog, i sure will come by whenever!

  5. Visiting for the first time. Will make sure I come back again. :)

  6. Good that you are back!! Looking forward for more cakes and pastry pics

  7. Sigh... Cyn, ur not alone lah... I oso haven't been blog hopping the way I've been doing years back. I bet some people thinks I'm dead.

    These days, got too much to do and not enough time, so lack motivation. I only leave comments to certain blogs daily... the rest... I dunno...din really have time to leave my foorprints either.

    Aiyaks... thank god we always go makan makan and lepak lepak together, otherwise I think we would think that we're both dead too! LOL!

  8. Haha you are not the only one la. I have been very "quiet" these 2 months too.... but I guess most people can understand that we have other real life things to handle. :)


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