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Friday, April 29, 2011

Yeah... E-filing Done! and the first time I feel so bad for it...

I finally put in my e-filing online.  I was contemplating if I should do the submission with that miserable earnings last year (which equivalent to almost no earnings) but I still go ahead with the submission.

This is the first year I got a surplus of 'rebates' than 'income'.. can you imagine with the tax relief I got for myself, my child, and my other insurances and stuff... I got a deficit!  Actually, I am sad with this situation... this means, I am earning really peanuts!!

I hope this year I can get better with the income level... Now, with at least a stable income of RM1,600 (minimum) per month, I hope I can do better with some supplements income from my bakery.  I really don't wish to be in such a situation any further... I will be dying of stress and depression if this going to continue..

Budgets show that it will be an increase of expenditure coming soon, as I got the plan to send my girl to school!!! This will cost me additional RM500 per month on top of the monthly RM700 paid to the maid... sigh sigh... I always wonder what happen to my money, but when I typing this.. I realise I really don't have much to spend on my own...

Better pick up and have better results next year... I don't mind paying tax if I am earning... I don't mind to contribute to the 'government' funds if I am earning... I don't want to be in my current earning level!! I want my income level back like what I used to earn!! AArgghh...


  1. Well,you will be there i am sure but firstly you must discard those thoughts of you not earning enough, just believe that you can do so much better than the last...

    Cynthia, i will keep you in my prayer,,is it ok if you are not Christian? and i will ask the good Lord to open more avenues for you to make more money, to pray for favors from people that cross your path,ya?

  2. hopefully things will be better...*hugs*

  3. @Eugene.. thanks bro for keeping me in your prayers.. frankly speaking, I don't mind that of all.. actually, believe it or not, my days are getting better with a recent Easter prayer done by my boss's pastor... thanks again.. :D

    @AngelBear.. ya ya... hopefully things get better..

  4. *hugs* I hope things will get better for you, Cyn. It will get better, you deserves it. I've been keeping you in my prayers... along with all hantu gang.

  5. I'm sure things will get better for you, you deserve it.

    Btw, you plan to send princess to one day or half day school? If half day don't need RM500 that much.

  6. @Chee Yee... have to be full day, or nobody going to 'pick' her from school half day..


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