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Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you good in dates?

I am definitely not... 

How many times that I have had misunderstandings with friends who 'expect' me to remember the dates of their important events, especially birthday but very unfortunate that I am not one of those that very good with dates.  I can even forget the dates of the recent event, what more to say future or past?  

Nowadays, since most of my friends are on Facebook, their birthdays will be published (if they choose to) and I will get notification when nearing the dates, which at least I get to go into action in preparing for any 'celebration' and stuff.

I am not trying to make an excuse for taking friendship for granted, but then again, friendship don't depends on 'celebration' aren't they?  For me myself, I make known to people who I intended to celebrate those 'events' with thick skin asking what are they doing for me on that day.. at least I let them know what I want!  I don't keep people guessing...

I recently got someone 'angry' mode by not able to remember the 'dates' which to me is just a plain childish act.  I got loads of 'back stabbing' from this friend just because I forgot about the date, and it went on and on and on... I mean, if you meant to be a friend, and in the event I really forgot, can't you just buzz and tell me the date and ask me instead?  Why do you have to go talk bad behind my back (expecting it to come back to me)!? So stupid to act like this right?

Anyway, I always tell people that I am not good in my dates, and in the event if they wanted me to get them something, better tell me earlier and right to my face.. Don't go spreading how hurtful you are when I forgot, and I am sure these words will come back to me one day... very sianz to tackle this kind of friendship issues..

How about you?  Are you good with dates?  


  1. Cyn....v r in de same boat. U know what, when doc asked me when is my girl dob, i need to dig out her ic n take a look....

    If ppl expecting me to remember all the special days...then they can ditch me jor.

  2. I am truly bad in dates too! And names. And directions. In short, i have a very very bad memory!

  3. i'm hopeless in dates too.. i have a memory of a goldfish! :D

  4. I guess I am not good in remembering the dates...so far, I can only remember my hubby's and my dear son's birthday,of course, also my own birthday.

  5. I won't say I'm bad at dates but I only choose to remember family members one only.

    And as a parent and some more a working mom, there are so many things for us to handle and lots more important stuffs than remembering dates. I guess that friend of yours must be not a parents yet.


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