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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Debt Collector’s Job… not easy la…

My total salute to the 'debt collector' who uses the 'soft' method..

For the last 2 days, I am being one of those.. and seriously, I really don't know how long more I can tahan this kind of nonsense from this 'person' (should I still consider him a human)?

Remember I posted on 'keeping my finger cross' and I wonder if my monthly payment will be on time this month? For the record.. it came in about 9pm and I only managed to get RM400 instead of RM500 as agreed! Reason / EXCUSE: The machine rejected the RM100 notes!!! (maybe it's a fake money gua)

So, my reply is to have the balance by 10am the next day (1st May.. labour day pun kena keja ah) but very very unfortunately that even with numerous calls, *please give me an alternative name to 'address'* didn't answer my call, and I only managed to get the balance late at night! For what I am pissed? Coz this man (if you can still call him one) SMS me on the 30th April 2011 saying that he will bank in the balance 'tomorrow morning' but yet, I got the $$ late at night.. *is he on Europe time zone ah?*

I called the house and spoke to the 'whoever' at home.. and was informed that he is in KL.. so, definitely not enjoying family day in Melaka la.. so, where on earth my $$?

Later, while I am driving, I still calling… I call coz I know if he doesn't answer, I don't have to pay for the call charges, but if I SMS, then for sure I kana charge 15 cents! So, why spend on this kind of wastage.. at least I call, and he don't answer, people will get suspicious.. right? I call till even my Princess knows how to call, eventhough she doesn't know whom I am calling.. but in the end, she help me with the calling.. and each time the call tone goes off.. Princess goes.. "O oh"… and she will start touching the screen again…

Aiyo, this month payment also delay… next month how? Continue chasing like that.. I don't think I can survive till the tenure of the payment end lor…


  1. Well sis, life like that lah, it is very very hard to get the money out of someone of whom would think that i would i get in return if i give you the money,, nothing even though it is my responsibility too.

    so sis,never mind be kind lol and the blessing will come in other forms and means, to this i am confident

  2. That one u call a man and a human ah? Pls lah, dun insult. That one is a chicken wuss... babi hutan! At least chicken and babi oso more useful than him. At least tulan liao can sembelih, cook and makan. But this feller? Hah!!! #$!$@#R%$@#$5 Dun gv up. Must get back what's urs... persevere... must ASK!!!

  3. Cleff.. cool down, lady.. cyn.. how many more months?

  4. I admire your persistence! Keep it up but just don't let it stress you out. Keep on calling to get what is yours.


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