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Monday, May 2, 2011

First time using Words…

This is the first time I blog using Microsoft Word..

I used to blog using the Windows writer, however recently I formatted the Lappy and am not in the mood to reinstall the programs again, therefore I am trying to blog using Words instead. If this goes well, then it will be blogger from Words from now on.. Can I know how many of you do that?

I have a reason for blogging not directly from the blogger platform as I want to make sure I have a 'spare' copy when I need them in future. I know I can always backup my blog, but the blog will not come in the format that I can widely use it, therefore, I prefer to blog somewhere, and later transfer it to blogger.

Last night, it marked a good day for me, as when I logging in to my email account, I received an email stating that I have won a 'lucky draw' from a bento expert.. wow, guess luck is on my side for these few weeks ya.. :D

Again, yesterday I was invited to this blogger mummy's son first birthday.. and she is also having a giveaway in her blog! If you happen to hop to her blog, please take a look at her craft! I mean, for someone who has zero creativity, I envy how good is her with her craft works!! I really seriously like all her art craft. And for Beii, Happy Birthday to Jasper!

Later, I also went to my uncle's new organic shop opening, and upon all the jalan-jalan, both myself and Princess is already out and we therefore took a nap with the rain… and that's the result I am blogging now at 2.17am!

I will do a separate posts for the events above, now.. just trying to see what happen to this blog post publish using Words…


  1. Laaa... cis... tak cakap... that day my hubby format for you tarak say u need to use this.Nvm, next time u let us kno apa mau install, den u wun susah susah like this.

  2. @Cleff.. tak pa.. I still know how to do the downloading stuff.. no worry.. just wanna try sini sana only..

    p/s: trying this so I can blog from office ma.. muahaha..

  3. Don't quite understand what's going on... Old man mah.

  4. I used Windows Live Writer for a while. I stop using it because I don't want the photo uploaded in separate folder than Picasa. I normally write the post offline and then transfer to Blogger. But I never thought of having a backup in local PC (I usually delete those draft as I normally don't write the post from home). But it is definitely a good idea. :)

  5. huh? dunno what u talking about.. i blog straight from my blog.. touch wood kalau hilang.. mampos!


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