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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gotten Un-FRIEND!

Last Saturday I was out with bunch of friends that used to hang out together before the arrival of my Princess.  I always had a good time together with food, alcohol, laughter and of course some mahjong session too!

Since the arrival of Princess, it will be inconvenient to bring her ‘anywhere’ I wish, therefore some gatherings I was not there.  However, I will be there for most of the birthday celebration dinners / gathering.

Last Saturday, we had a gathering again… and this time, the first ‘topic’ of discussion is that some of our group of friends were ‘un-friended’ in FB by one of the member.  Some of them were very ‘disappointed’ with this move as despite the relationship is not that close any more, but they still consider ‘him’ as a friend. 

They came telling me this, and I checked with my FB, and glad to find that I am still a ‘friend’ of him.  I was ‘teased’ that I am the only ‘friend’ in the group, and they called ‘him’ *my friend*.. I was very confident that he will not ‘unfriend’ me as we have known each other longer than the rest!

To my ‘shock-a-li-sm’ I was unfriend-ed last night!! For what reason, frankly speaking I have no idea!  Even I know why the rest the members ‘distance’ themselves towards him, however it’s never be me!!! Furthermore, I also know his other half…

Aiyo… why la have to be like this?  So, next time if we go out with his other half, will he still join us? or what should I say to him when I see him again?

Maybe I should ask.. “why did you un-friend me ah?”

I would say he might want to change his circle of friends gua… 

So, have you been ‘unfriend’ in FB?  *well.. it’s always me who will ‘unfriend’ people.. but being unfriend… THIS IS THE FIRST TIME!!!


  1. Never mind lah Cyn, it is his choice, just like our choices can be.. anyway if you touch our hearts,if we had truly been a good friend to him,,then no regrets lah,,,,

  2. I've unfriended a lot of people - those tagged with all kinds of business links selling all those Ah Lian dresses and undergarments.

    Some are so depressing, everyday moaning and groaning about politics, economy...everything. Life is too short to be miserable over such things.

    And of course,those updates ALL in Chinese,I unfriended lor. Cannot understand what they say so no point keeping them around.

  3. I also unfriend many like what STP did. After all the FB acct is a personal thingy...who to unfriend n friend, is their choice.

  4. Kiahahahah!! *GUILT GUILT, I always unfriends those who are unactiive in FB, regardless best friends or family... I myself didn't really bother to being unfriend but now I feel sorry since somebody might get hurt due to my inconsiderate!>_<

  5. Small matter la. Agree with what STP said. Maybe because you know his other half that is why he unfriend leh.

  6. If I were you, I would have asked him.

  7. heard of this unfriend thingy... hmm.....

  8. It is his loss not to friend you so you don't have to feel bad about that la. If I were you, I will pretend as if nothing has happened the next time I see him. And instead of "unfriend" I choose to filter out people that can read my posts and my wall in FB.

  9. Approach him at the right time to get the reason for him...why is he doing so to you...

  10. I've never experience this before. I don't have many friends also lah..haha.

  11. i unfriend some whom i dont interact wif... for privacy purpose.....


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