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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

I know this weekend is Mother's Day, but seriously I don't know what to get for my mum and myself.. So, recently while I am Churp Churp-ing, I saw the social sharing for THIS!!

RM68 instead of RM1080 for Full Body Lightening + Jacuzzi + Herbal Ball Back & Neck Massage for TWO PEOPLE and RM300 Service or Product Voucher at Beauty Face, Wisma UOA II [94% OFF]

So, I bought a voucher, and I am planning to bring my mum for this relax moment... 

What about you?  What are you getting for your mum?

Info of this promo?  Click on to Milkadeal...


  1. Nothing special lol, don't really celebrate mother day to me it is too commercialized already,,,, i rather do it often than the one day,,, her birthday will be better i reckon

  2. None here in IPoh.. my own facial lady is giving a promotion too.. 3 facials plus one back massage for 276.. expensive hor?

  3. Nothing for my mom as she is staying far away from me....and for myself, I dun think I will hav something from Ryan...

  4. Eugene... sure anot u do it often? Men seems to use this excuse often lah... karat oredi. Commercialized la... wife not my mother la...mother's day is everyday la...cilaka~ So what if it's commercialized? Kenot do anything just to commemorate the date issit?

    Cyn.... nothing for my mum, cuz she's not in town and she told me dun bother cuz my dad bawak her go honeymoon and jalan jalan in Langkawi. She no time to layan me. So nice of my dad. Dono why my own husband pulak tarak pamper me like that. GRRR~ I'm boiling. Mother's day today, and the anak pour oil all over the house and I'll have to mop the whole fucking house because I slept whole nite last night. Ma, tiu ah! Sumbat this lil bastard in an orphanage, I damn relief ah, sleep at night oso will feel safer!

    Btw, I'm going with the big kakak for the spa...since ur oredi going wif ur mum.

  5. hope u have had a blissful treat together with your mom!! did princess gave u a big muak?? :D


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