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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My month end agony... and this time it pushes to a higher level...

I was trying my very best, in every other 15 to 30 mins, calling the same number over and over again but it's always give me the answering of "the person you call, is not answering the call.  Please try again later!"

Fine... I still continue calling and building my patience.. At one point, I pray to HIM (GOD) to give me the wisdom to overcome this matter and spare me from the agony.  I couldn't understand further when HIM put me in my current situation, and HIM still continue to test me on it. 

The whole day GONE, and I still don't hear a single 'voice' from the person who owes me my money.  So, I called the father of this person... I told him I have been trying to locate his son, but fail.  The father told me that the son's phone is charging therefore maybe can't hear my call.  (oh, maybe I didn't tell him clear enough that I have been trying to call the WHOLE day)

This morning.. I try again.. calling and calling from both my mobile and home.. and again to no avail... So, I call the FATHER again... This time, I told him that his son owes me money, and I just need the son to at least answer or SMS me so I know his son is still alive and kicking.  I told the father, that if the son is unable to pay me, at least inform me, so I can built my case of loan defaulter.

The father told me that he actually 'sympathies' on my situation, but I told him very frankly that I don't need his sympathy.  All he can do is to contact the son on my behalf, and asked him to at least call or SMS me.  I am the one actually sympathies with the father, as I pity him for having such a son who created problems outside, and bring it home to trouble the rest.  I know I shouldn't be bothering this pity old man, BUT I HAVE NO CHOICE!!

See, it works that way... After an hour of so, I got a call... yeah yeah!! With lots of attempts to 'excuse' himself for not paying me.  Now, please count with me how many 'excuses' can be given... first, mobile phone was left in friend's car (this is don't know how many times he told me already.. so nothing 'fresh').. 2nd, account number is in the mobile phone, so no phone, no money... 3rd, company just pay him the salary...When I question that how come the father is able to contact him if he got no mobile... Ta Da! Oh, My dad call my house number... oh... then Can I ask for the number?  The answer?  GUESS... I will let you all know in the next post...

Ooppss.. he totally forgot to say 'SORRY' and don't even feel 'SORRY' for it!! The minute I answer my phone, the only question I asked is... WHEN CAN I HAVE MY MONEY... muhahaha.. Frankly speaking, I have no interest in what the delay, I just want to know WHEN! When he told me BY TODAY, I lagi pissed, I say.. NOPE, I want it by 12 PM!

Then, the next questions appear... 'wait, what did you write on the internet ah'?  I was like.. huh?  You a degree holder, but yet you are unable to READ?  Anyway, I don't write on the internet, I only write on BLOGS! muahahaa....

Are you bored reading till here?  I am bored writing it already... coz nothing seems new..

By 12PM, when I checked into my account... the money has appear!!  See see.. another 'jin kuat tao' story..


  1. Mahu seribu daya, tak mahu seribu dalih. Just a few more months to go then no need to chase anymore. Bare with it.

  2. sigh.........where are all the good men gone?

  3. At last, you got your $$...

  4. I think the father worries more than the son... so quickly asked the son to pay up..


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